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posted by vider69
I haven't been with Fanpop for long, I'm coming up to my third ماہ I think, so I'm really happy that I've now managed to create my third spot, my first spot was 'Bits And Pieces' it's a random spot but it was all I could think of at the time, then I came up with 'Movie Remakes' which is obviously based around remakes of فلمیں and also for sequels, فلمیں adapted from cartoons, comic books, musicals and فلمیں that are similar to each other. I have now made the 'Domestic Animals' spot as I've always been an animal lover and I've had many beautiful pets over the years as I'm sure most of us all have at one time یا another, so this is my spot dedicated to them and all our furry and feathered friends, it's great to be a part of Fanpop and be able to contribute as much as possible, there is so much to do here it's hard to keep up sometimes but I'm getting there, heres to مزید fun on Fanpop.
P.S. I hope آپ all like the new spot شبیہ and banner.