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posted by HotCupcake436
Tuesday April 24, today is a happy day! My mom and dad are finally letting me transfer schools. No مزید Mckenzie (hooray!), I won't be able to see Chole and Zoey (soo sad :( ), and I won't see Brandon any more. What he did to me was so terrible here's what happened: about 1 یا 2 months پہلے Brandon asked me if I wanted to go to the bright night dance and I کہا yes. So the night came and I had the prettiest and most expensive dress than Mckenzie so me and Brandon had our first dance and our first kiss:) and it started heating up right there. "Umm Nikki I kinda' like آپ and I was wondering if...
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This is just my opinion in who should play what role in a dork diaries movie.
1)Nikki Maxwell
Nikki is the main character, as آپ know it. I first thought that she was a blonde, until I saw her تصویر with colors. Who was capable enough to play an unpopular brunette? I needed a brunette. So I decided on Ryan Newman. That is, if she cuts her hair.
2)Mackenzie Hollister
This was like, the easiest selection. All I needed was a pretty blonde teenager. The hottest and most beautiful I could think of was Peyton List. Some of آپ might want Stefanie Scott but her hair is too short. Problem is, Mackenzie...
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posted by monasa
This is for all who have CRUSH on someone-

I also had a crush on someone. we were good دوستوں since childhood. He used to joke with me and kiss me( for fun). Suddenly one دن when I was talking to my pal he came to me and told me I LIKE آپ . I was really happy but then we went to a party organised سے طرف کی our school I was dressed like a princess for him. Then I suddenly saw him proposing a CCP of our school. I was left heartbroken

I write this to warn آپ that all boys are same and don't fall in love with a boy .....

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