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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
Riders enter the boarding platform and get in the train.

M.I.A. (Micro Intelligent Advisor): "Welcome to the Wrath of Dr Blowhole. For your safety, please keep all hands and feet in the cars at all times. Place all loose items in a zipper pocket یا the bins اگلے to the exit. Proceed to the exit if your not riding. Once seated, pull down the handle bar until it is in the lock position. Thank آپ and enjoy your ride."

Riders secure themselves with handle bars and wait for ride to begin. After everyone is seated, the ride operators give the all clear.

M.I.A: Face forward, press head against the headrest...
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(Private wasent born when this happened so thats why hes not in it)Skipper followed his leader willingly wanting his mission "Welcome Skipper I see آپ brought every one"said the پینگوئن, پیںگان on the screen "Yes Manfredi we're all here" کہا Skipper "good" Manfredi replied as he turned on the Tv behind him "Now as آپ all know there is a new enemy he is the most dangerous of all but unfourtounately we know nothing about him" a sillohute of a پینگوئن, پیںگان showd on the screen with a سوال mark " All we know is that his name is Dr.Blowhole, Skipper Im in trusting آپ to find out مزید about this enemy...
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posted by MrsBlowhole
A ماہ and 27 days later…
28th April 2007
"Finally! We finished! Now let's have some ڈالفن payback!" "Actually skipper, we have to first find we're Blowhole’s bathroom is, and then replace S.T.A.N.K with his real toilet. " کہا Kowalski. Kowalski got all the information he knew about Blowhole and laid some pictures and files on the میز, جدول in the HQ. " Now if I was a dolphin, were would I go..." Skipper said. "We'll actually skipper, I just brang these photos, to get the cony island aquarium map." "We don't need a map, we know we're that is!" "Actually, it was the cony island underground...
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posted by MrsBlowhole
October 1st 2007

"Uh I hate today!" Shouted Kowalski. "Now why is that?" Skipper asked. " We’ll today is that Science dolphins birthday!" "We'll I hate today to!" Then Rico opens up the hatch and کہا "FISH!" Skipper and Kowalski rushed over and went out of their base. And closed the مچھلی bowl door and waited for Alice. "Why do I have to do this!" She said. Then she threw in the مچھلی and left. But as she was leaving she was talking to a guy on the walkie-talkie. "So Alice, when do آپ want me to drop off the new penguin?" "Uh there's مزید of them! Well I don't care! Just call me later because...
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I thought my nightmare came alive
But thank goodness آپ survived
Cause if آپ didn't do that
I think I'd have a دل attack

Dr Blowhole you're my bad guy
A young ڈالفن with a robot eye
You drive a Segway everywhere
But one night آپ were in my nightmare
The penguins hurt you
So bad آپ couldn't get up
I tried to save you
But the penguins turned on the self destruct

And then, they pulled me out of there
Leaving my villain on the floor
Yes you, couldn't make it out and آپ died in the crash

The lair blooooooOOOOOOoooowed
Moment after that آپ never shooooooooOOOOOOOooowed
I thought my nightmare came...
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posted by MrsBlowhole
24th February 2007

"Wake up men! Today we are expecting a call from Manfredi and Johnson! They saw a crime happen last night to an animal trainer! But first lets eat!" After skipper کہا that they went up to wait for Alice to bring the fish. Then Rico کہا "FISH" Kowalski came up with a frown. "Kowalski, don't tell me your still sad about Doris! Just get over here! She is just not in to you! Now be happy, that's an order!" " Skipper I just need some time to be alone, I need to think what I must do to get Doris to like me! I shall go and talk to her again today! " کہا Kowalski in a happy voice....
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posted by MrsBlowhole
15th February 2007

Blowhole was washed up to a ساحل سمندر, بیچ of America. He woke up in pain. He tried to look through his right eye, but he couldn't see any thing. His right eye was blinded. He couldn’t get up and he couldn’t اقدام a muscle. He had a head ach and he was very sick. Then a few fishermen came over, they held him up سے طرف کی his tale and said, " This pretty ڈالفن will be worth a few bucks wouldn't it!" Then the other fishermen کہا " But look at its eye, shouldn't we do some thing?" "No we don't have to, let nature take its course. I mean a ڈالفن just washed up in New York City!" They...
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posted by MrsBlowhole
Atlantic Ocean September 24th 2003
Blowhole is still 4 years old and his mom is taking him somewhere. "Where are we going mom?" Asked Blowhole. "We are going to meet a new family who came from the South Seas, a mother and daughter. They are really nice and I bet آپ will get along with her daughter, she is about the same age as you." کہا Kate (Blowholes mom). " Ok! I can't wait! I never had a girl friend! Not the love type, but I mean a girl as a friend!" Blowhole کہا full of excitement. They saw the two dolphins, they were both Bottle Nosed Dolphins, and the daughter had a pinkish color."...
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posted by SkipperXLisa
The footsteps of webbed feet got louder as Blowhole's enemy walked

right into the trap he had laid for him. Suddenly, a black-and-white animal

flashed across the clearing. Skipper came to a stop up against the smooth

gray wall. He then stealthily slid to a small door at the end of the corner in

the desolate

room. Once he got the entry to the اگلے area, he cautiously brought his

flipper to the knob. Once he was almost touching it, he quickly grabbed it.

He then turned key to revealing a new territory. Once the wooden portal

was wide open, his foe stepped into range of his trick. The penguin's eyes

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posted by MrsBlowhole
1st January 2008

"This is an incredible plan that will for sure destroy the pen-gyoo-ens!" Dr.Blowhole was on his way to North Pole. "Are آپ sure this will work Doc? This plan of yours will take about a سال and a half till we can actually destroy the penguins." "I don't care how long it takes, but i will get my revenge on the penguins and the humans! First we set up the ring of fire, then create the Diabologizer, and turn one of the lobsters in to a deadly weapon. And I will call it Chrome Claw!" The لابسٹر, کَر کند and Dr.Blowhole entered a room were the plans were all laid out. Dr.Blowhole picked...
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posted by Nori4Reel
When i was 20 i once was in a aquarium that perform flip tricks for the humans.But then my trainer decided to put me with a شارک named Kenny for a partner trick,i didn't trust my trainer but i have to so i jumped over to the other side and got in with the shark.we both spin around and flip over each other and then i kinda messed up and well i accentually cut his flipper.it was just a little cut well a little bit مزید big then a little cut so my trainer rapped his flipper,i told Kenny "are آپ ok?" then he کہا "how do آپ like it if your flipper was scratched off?" then i کہا sorry but he...
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posted by IamAngel624
Dr. Blowhole could never forget it.

What had his trainers been thinking, making him jump through fire? Surely they knew how stressful that was. Surely they knew he was, like all animals, instinctively afraid of fire?

Of course they knew. But they did it anyway. He had heard from the sea lions that the tourists were complaining about how boring the tricks he and his four podmates performed. They had wanted something daring and new!

They certainly got it.

It was during a night show. The lights had been shut off; the Ring of آگ کے, آگ provided the only ذریعہ of light. The image had burned itself in his...
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posted by birath
I was about 10 years old in ڈالفن years, however I was like; 4.. In real human years. This was in 1981. I remember ALOT. Even though i'm 33 years old, getting older, I have to tell آپ alot. I have never really met Dr. Blowhole. I would like to, but I don't think I could. I can't stand the north. Otherwise, here's my story.

It has happened in 1981, November 21. I remember it, as if it were yesterday. Well, here goes my story.

Shamrock: Hey, Jack. The trainer wants you; for something.. I don't know of anything she needs آپ for, however.

Me: Well, alright. I guess I will go.

Trainer: There you...
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posted by Ninjaorca
It all started when I was nine when I lost my mother.I was with my pal Teresa just before this happend,suddenly the water was rising finally I heard the yealping of my Mom I couldn't برداشت, ریچھ to just watch this moment I سوان, ہنس up to the surface.The وہیل, حوت hunters were after me all I heard was"Sweatie go on w-''just before she finished the last sentince one of the sailor screamed"Get that little Ninja!''
From that دن on I was named Ninja.
I also got adopted سے طرف کی stupid humans who put me with this very annoying Walrus named Walra now آپ humans prepare to be meet a Walra invasion.

One day, In 1979, soon یا later, something happened. This is how I lost my tail. I performed trick at Coney Island, New York. Way before Dr blowhole performed the Ring of Fire. I had to perform a highly dangerous trick. I had to jump through 3 hoops of fire, In a pool of sharks.
Trainer: Come on, آپ retarded dolphin.
Me: Yeah right.
Other trainer: This ڈالفن is only 10. He shouldnt be jumping through these hoops at this time, he's young.
Trainer: What do آپ know about dolphins?
Me: *What do YOU!?*
Other trainer: FINE. I was just thinking that Jack (Me) is too young to perform this dangerous...
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