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posted by lovespencereid
Chapter three - The Angel

I felt suddenly.. whole. Like Reid was my other half. He made me feel better about fainting. So as I sat here listening to him, laughing , smiling and talking with Reid.
"So آپ feel okay?" Reid asked me
"I have had better days and some even worse then this. So I guess so." I replyed
"Lily , Remember this. I will ALWAYS have your back. ALWAYS." He کہا to me .
"And I will always have yours. So I guess we are partners.." I laughed.
"Guess so." He started to laugh with me.
We stared into eachothers eyes.

When we got back I went into the folder and read the case. then everyone...
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Your POV In the SUV
On the way to the hospital(the first crime scene)i wish the ride would go سے طرف کی as slow as possible even though it will only be a 1 گھنٹہ ride but luckily i had reid to talk to the way there but trying to ignore what we were about to investigate so as the woman i was i talked about a مزید serious matter "hey spencer" he looked out the corner of his eye immediately "what is it" i tried to think of something to say quickly before i got embarassed "hotch told us we might get to acually go ہوم and sleep tonight" he smirked "sounds good but it really depends on what we get done"...
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Your POV in the SUV
all i saw was the open window leading to a beautiful beach,i was in a deep sleep,i looked around finding fine living but i saw no one to enjoy it with,then i heard a soothing,sweet voice call my name "samantha i told آپ we would be alone" i turn around to see reid surprisingly dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt,i looked down and i was wearing the most gorgeous light blue dress,i never wanted to wake up now "where are we" i asked turning away from the window,reid smiled "the Caribbeans,your پسندیدہ vacation spot" i just stood there "wait we have a case" reid looked...
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Your POV in the hospital's basement
i didnt know what to do except put my gun up and shoot hoping i hit the right person,then i kept my eyes closed,then i heard reid's voice "it's fine just a scrap i hugged him crying "i couldnt let him kill you" he squeezed me "i forgive you" then the sound of sirens filled our ears as we walked out the door,i had to get checked out for any other damage as they had carrol rested on the بستر she saw me come over and smiled "thank you,i know i lost my family but آپ kept your promise"i held her hand "always a pleasure to serve" and i went over to hotch who was...
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posted by reid4infinity

Garcia walked into her apartment after a تاریخ with kevin. as soon as she crossed the threshold she felt really,REALLY cold. she dropped her پرس, تھیلی and put on her قوس قزح pajamas. she wrapped herself in what seemed to be seven blankets. Not enough. she blasted the heat to 90 degrees. still freezing. she drank چائے and ate hot soup...nada. Soon, she got used to the cold. then, she got a little warm. then, she slowly got hotter and hotter. she removed her blankets, turned the A-C to a comfy 30 degrees and had some ice cream. she only then realized that she had gone from freezing...
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posted by reid4infinity
It was the team's vacation, and they were on a private island;Reid and Jordan, Kevin and Garcia, مورگن and, well, himself. they were wildly excited, even Reid. as soon as they settled in,they headed straight for the beach. Garcia,Jordan and Reid sat and played cards on the ساحل سمندر, بیچ while Kevin and مورگن went swimming. then, Kevin and مورگن played cards, while the other three swam. after a few مزید switch offs, things got boring. they sat on the beach,talking for a while, when Garcia spotted a cave. she was so curious (and BORED) that without warning, she ran towards it. Kevin was the only one...
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posted by lovespencereid
Chapter four - Left to die

As i lied in my hospital بستر i heard people. People i didn't know. And one I did. I couldn't make out alot of the words but I heard the voices. I felt a hand on my cheek and I tryed to open my eyes. They opened slowly but I couldn't see for a minute. "Lily.." a voice said.
Reid was sitting beside me with tears running down his face. I reached up and wiped them and left my hand there. He let go of my cheek and was leaning in. Then I suddenly knew. he was going to kiss me. I leaned in to and we both closed our eyes. Our lips touched slowly and his fingers tangled in my...
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posted by queen12
he one سب, سب سے اوپر actor, he counts for everything , till death to us part.

آپ sure to be in love with him . thats if آپ like him lol hahahahahaha :)

if آپ think that hes a geek then آپ are wrong .

he looks so smart and yeah he goooooood at what he does even if آپ don't think so yeahhhhhh .


i think that آپ should have a role model cause then آپ look up to them for like they are your god .

thats my مضمون on my opinion.