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a تصویر of Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) of the BAU team on 'Criminal Minds'
criminal minds
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dr. spencer reid
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I think the reason that girls are attracted to him is bcause, he doesn't seem perfect like other characters from other shows do. I find his facial imperfections humanizing in some ways. Like his slightly crooked chin and his thin nose make him seem مزید normal. Then we have his social graces. He can barely talk to people, and any girls he talks to just thinks he is a creeper. Those social flaws seem endearing and silly. And finally,we have his scientific mind. The main reason why men don't seem to like him as much is because they think he is a nerd. But women think that smart men are wonderful. Some women wish their husbands were jsut as smart as Dr. Reid. So, There is my theroy on why girls are so attracted to Dr. Reid.
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This is one سوال that i can't لپیٹ, لفاف کریں my head around.

When us females see any normal smart, in your face male our first instinct is eww. How is this any different for Dr. Spencer Reid. The attraction to a usual person like this is zip but many of us average females are attracted to him. Face matters I do agree he is gorgeous, but facial aspects are not the whole package. He is also a fictional ویژن ٹیلی character which helps but I really do not understand why we love him so much. When I see him I feel great every aspect about him is perfect. But I know that if I met a person smart like him there wouldn't be the attraction. I am asking this سوال mainly because I am attracted too. I know how it feels.

What is your opinion? I know آپ like him too so what makes him soo cute and amazing to you?

*sorry if this مضمون is not your cup of tea. please no rude comments. read it and answer.

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Okay so I wrote a fanfic and i was wondering if anyone wanted to read it... here's the first chapter and here's the link

Chapter One

Fallon Sawyer stood in line at the Starbucks every morning before heading off on a random adventure; she never deviated from her routine as she was a very precise woman. She ordered her usual, and today for a treat bought a double chunk chocolate chip cookie, for later of course. She waited patiently in line to receive her morning pick-me-up. She gazed aimlessly around the establishment. The walls...
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