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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Bulma put a hand under her chin "So that's how Saiyans mate." She stated simply.

Apia looked at her stupidly and mad at how that was the only thing she got out of the whole story.

(Flashback: مزید like prequel)

Apia woke up surprisingly fully dressed and in her بستر at the kingdom.

Was I dreaming? She asked herself.

Only one way to find out Apia put her hand on the side of her neck and winced in pain.

She was mated.

A loud almost frantic gasp escaped her lips, she had just disgraced her father's word just because of a one night stand Radditz didn't love her nor did she love him how could she have been so weak how could she have gone against everything she stood for.

Mating with a 3rd class warrior.

Worst اقدام she had ever made and now she was going to pay for it and so was.

"Radditz." She whispered worriedly if her father found out Radditz had mated with her he'd be killed in no time flat.

"Wait, Radditz is going to Earth in تلاش for that pathetic warrior Kakarot, of course!" she smiled in relief.

She stopped at the mirror she was a mess her hair had slanted over and she had bruises on her inner thighs due to the constant rubbing done upon them.

She touched them gently and growled.

سے طرف کی taking down her hair she managed to hide the bite perfectly she rarely wore her hair down and hopefully no one would make a big fuss about it she decided to remain in her current close so that no one would ask if she had been mated she just had to play it off.

She emerged from her sanctuary and met her family in the dining hall for breakfast.

"Ahh Apia nice of آپ to شامل میں us, Nappa has also been invited."

Oh no she had forgot, she didn't think her father would have chosen so fast unless he had this planned all along.

Apia looked at all the نشست the only one open was the one seated beside Nappa.

He smirked at her as she slowly sat alongside him not even acknowledging his presence.

She sat as Nappa had the audacity to place a hand on her bruised thigh she sucked in her breath to keep from blowing her top.

This man had saved her brother's life numerous times she couldn't just insult him and kick his پچھواڑے, گدا like every other Saiyan he might have been 2nd class he was a very respected member within her family.

She felt violated as he rubbed it repeatedly "Your daughter is very quiet." He شدہ تبصرہ as he shoved a piece of flesh in his mouth.

Queen Cebella smiled "Yes she is our prized possession." She کہا a bit defensively.

Her mother never like Nappa, Apia knew that but Cebella had no choice.

King Vegeta smiled "Yes, Apia have آپ been mated all my assistance had lost track of your presence yesterday as if آپ had disappeared completely."

Apia bit harshly on her lower lip her anger slowly growing within her body. "I was there." She stated calmly.

"And.." King Vegeta asked impatiently.

"I wasn't mated the Saiyans now a days are so, Vile." She stated as she placed a piece of meat into her mouth chewing it slowly to release her inner stress.

King Vegeta ignored the last part "Good thing we have Nappa, your future mate."

A short cough escaped both Apia and Vegeta.

"What?" they asked in unison.

King Vegeta smiled "Of course he is indeed the only Saiyan I can be certain that will protect my son and help run this plane alongside my daughter."

"B-but that was supposed to be Vegeta's destiny." Apia stated.

King Vegeta growled "I know that but, آپ are older therefore making it where آپ are to run this planet alongside your mate that was supposed to be chosen yesterday but due to your ignorance آپ let it pass آپ سے طرف کی I told آپ that this was your one chance to prove yourself to Vegetasai but آپ stay ہوم in your بستر and allow me to pick for آپ whether آپ like my decision یا not that is no longer your choice!" he shouted.

Apia sucked her breath and sighed "Yes sir." She کہا respectfully.

Nappa smiled "Well I am truly honored thank آپ your majesty I will not disappoint آپ he then touched Apia's womanhood.

She shot up "May I be excused from the table?"

Cebella nodded "You may." She said.

Cebella was probably the most feared woman on planet Vegetasai she had the most powerful man as her mate and the most beautiful features her dark brown hair was shiny and short it folded in on her cheeks and her مرکت, ایمرلڈ eyes glistened.

Apia rushed to her room and held back tears she was forced to be maed to that, to that, THING!

Her brother was being taken from his spot as future king and everything was falling apart if Nappa mated with her he would see her mark and then Radditz would be killed and she would be disgraced from سے طرف کی her father.

She stopped when she heard shouts come from her parent's room.

"Vegeta, did آپ see her face she doesn't want this!"

"I don't care what she wants." He stated harshly.

"And our poor Vegeta he had dreamt for so long to one دن become king and now that, Baphoon is taking his place!"

She heard a silence a very scary silence.

King Vegeta was backing Cebella to a wall.

"that boy needs to realize that he will not always get what he wants, like me, I never wanted you!" he growled.

"I never wanted a mate to سوال my authority یا دکھائیں my children pity; what happen to that ruthless sexy woman I mated with 17 years ago?"

Cebella stared into those onyx eyes she loved so much "She never existed." She growled.

He roared loudly and lifted a hand to strike her.

"Go ahead treat me, the woman آپ love like آپ do all those innocent people آپ and your men slaughter!" she challenged preparing for the worst.

He held it behind his head and watched her s she sneered at his actions.

Then he sighed deeply "Leave now!" he snapped.

She did as told and left her love think over his foolish actions.

"Apia, I know your there." She کہا softly.

Apia came from behind the wall.

"Now آپ listen and listen good because I will only say this once."

Apia nodded "Yes mother."

"I will send آپ to a plane close to Earth where your mate is headed, آپ will be sent to go tomorrow آپ will not return, I can't let that idiot rule this planet, my son will be the only one who can, I will miss you, I love آپ so much and I hope in another life I will see آپ again."

"I love آپ as well but there is one thing I must ask how do آپ know about?"

"Easy, I know everything." She stated cocky.

Apia smirked "Of course."

"Now go say good bye wish him the best of luck, I see a bright future for آپ two remember that."

Small tears formed in Apia's eyes.

"Dry your tears, for آپ are a brave warrior the daughter of the famous King Vegeta آپ shall not cry not over me یا any of your siblings we will all keep آپ in our hearts."

Apia nodded "Yes till we meet again."

Cebella hugged her tightly "Don't worry about me your father is just as stressed about this whole thing as we are I hadn't noticed it until he had threatened to hit me, I love that man and his crazy ways." She کہا a smile across her brilliant features.

Apia kissed her cheek "Good bye."

Cebella stood straight and shook her head "Not good bye but farewell."

Apia ran as fast as she could in order to catch Radditz before he left.

(And we all know what happens next)

Bulma looked down at her twiddling thumbs "I can't believe all this has happened to آپ so آپ can't go back ہوم and your brother is coming and آپ also can't because آپ will have to be mated with Nappa and Radditz will die."

"Yes آپ fool!" she snapped.

And then she softened "Yes."

اگلے chapter will be intense Drama promise! See آپ tomorrow.
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