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Chapter 17
Goten ran as fast as he could. He could not believe Gohan, and his father’s best friend. They made fun of me! Tears ran down his gray eyes. He suddenly paused, and collapsed on the ground in pain. He suddenly felt his brother’s energy. Goten quickly got on his feet and ran like a wolf.
Chichi happily prepared dinner, sitting the big, wooden spoon. Chichi sensed a very small, tiny, miniature power level. Goten, she knew it was her baby boy. Goten almost got out of air, and finally arrived home. The knob opened and he walked in sobbing super hard. Chichi heard his sobs, and with ought another stir, she let go of the wooden spoon and ran to her boy. Her دل cracked wenever she saw Goten crying like a نیبو, لیموں being squirted.
“Goten? Baby? What happened?” she asked hugging him with love. Goten could not stop his tears. “Baby?” she asked again. Goten’s warm, salty tears ran down on Chichi’s shirt. “You hurt something?” asked Chichi braking away slowly from Goten, but she still had her hands on Goten’s sholders.
“Im hurt…” answered Goten, still sobbing.
“Oh! Where?…your head? Belly?” she asked setting her hand on his forehead.
“No…” he sobbed. “Im hurt, emotions.”
“What?” asked Chichi hurt. Goten sat his hand on his chest, giving a sine of his heart. Chichi stared at Goten مزید hurt. “Did someone hurt your feelings?”
“Yes” responded Goten with his hand still on his chest.
“Who hurt your feelings?” asked chichi.
“G-Gohan and Krullin” Chichi let out a big frown.
“Gohan and…did آپ mean Krillin?”
“Because…they thought what I learned today was stupid.” Chichi rolled her eyes.
“Goten!” she cried. “Teenagers! Well Krillin is not a teen but Gohan! Teenagers are like that! Don’t listen to them! I cant believe Gohan would say that! Gohan!”
“Goten.” interrupted Chichi. “What we are doing is going to help you. آپ know آپ can go up. Like I said, the power of love. آپ have that gift. The power of love, آپ can be anything آپ want to be. آپ just have to believe…see the world. Don’t let words stop your dreams…yes words sometimes hurt. Words are very powerful, but I believe in آپ Goten…your father Goku, he would believe in آپ as well. آپ are the only one that will save your dad. آپ can do this. آپ just…just… just have to believe. Believe in your abilities. Believe that آپ can fly, that آپ can fight. Believe in me… believe in yourself. آپ have a gift just like Gohan does. Its up to آپ to bring out that gift, ave and believe in you.”
“Wow mom… your right.” Responded Goten.
“Words cant stop آپ now…not at this time. Your father needs you.”
“He does! And I mean… we will save him!”
“So? Are words going to stop آپ now?”
“No ma’am!” responded Goten confidently.
“That’s my boy! Believe in you!’
“Its easier wen آپ believe right?”
“Yes! Believe!” they both hugged each other like bears. Suddenly Goten’s eyes grew. Chichi gasped, they both felt powerful energy. “You see! آپ can sense energy!” cried chichi. Goten stared at her serious.
“Its Gohan…”
“Go…go to your room. I will talk to him” Chichi کہا standing up.
“Okay” Goten said, turning around and running to his room. The door knob slowly turned, and Gohan quietly walked in but still cracking up.
“What’s so funny Gohan?” asked Chichi serious, with her arms crossed. Gohan still giggled letting out a bit of tears.
“Uh oh!…hey mom!” Gohan کہا with a gasp.
“What is so funny?” asked Chichi again even مزید furious. Gohan’s grin disappeared. “Im waiting…” Gohan rubbed the back of his hair.
“Uh? Oh mom…don’t tell me Goten told you…”
“Oh…he told me…” responded Chichi walking up slowly to Gohan. “but he told me with tears. Sad, broken tears.” Gohan rolled his eyes. “Gohan? What is wrong with you?!” asked Chichi upset. “Why are آپ treating Goten this way?!” Suddenly Gohan’s hansome face turned furious.
“Why?…Why?!” asked Gohan now yelling. “All Goten did…was to bring bad news!”
“Gohan! Lower your voice!” Chichi whispered angrily.
“No! why? Afraid Goten is listening?!”
“Gohan! Listen!” yelled chichi.
“No! no no no! آپ listen! That boy messed up this family! He was brought way to early to this world! Heck he is not supposed to be here!” Suddenly Gohan’s hansome face got slapped, leaving a hard mark on his cheeck.
“Don’t آپ dare talk about Goten like that!” Gohan held his cheeck with his hand. It burned so much it felt like his cheeck was burning his hand.
“You know its true!” before they both knew it, Goten was hearing everything behind the wall.
“What are آپ talking about? He is your brother! Your blood!”
“Oh shut up mom!”
“Gohan! What is your deal?”
“My deal? My deal?!” asked Gohan becoming مزید angry.
“Yes! Why are آپ being like this?!”
“Because!” screamed Gohan. He suddenly turned his face to saddness. “I…oh! What have I done! I did not mean to!” cried Gohan.
“I know آپ did not mean to…and I understand. But son…your brother needs some love. Why? Why are آپ like this?”
“I, I don’t know. I just really miss dad. These feeling are mixing with my extremely powerful power. I did not mean to be like that to Goten.”
“I understand…do آپ want to say sorry?” Gohan looked down at his feet. “Yes…yes I want to say im sorry.” Chichi smiled big. Gohan looked up, and grinned. Gohan made his steps to his little btother’s room.
Goten was calm laying on his soft, cozy, tender bed.Goten’s gray eyes looked out the window. Lots of trees were all across the grass. Butterflies raced across the field. Goten then spotted a deer.Goten’s eyes then saw waves. The door was knoked. Goten did not respond, he sensed the energy and new that it was not his mom. The door was knocked a سیکنڈ time. Goten graved a pillow, and put it over his head.
“Goten….Im not mad. Can I please walk in?” asked Gohan. Goten pushed the تکیا off his head.
“Thankyou…” the knob opened and Gohan slowly walked in. “Goten…im so sorry. I did not mean to be like that to you. Its just… I miss dad.”
“Oh…I understand…” responded Goten looking sweetly at his brother.”I…I don’t even know how dad looks like.” Gohan stared at Goten thinking in his head. Goten began to let out tears. Gohan’s eyes blinked in a flash.
“You really want to know? How dad looks like?”
“Yes…with all y heart!” responded Goten.
“Okay!” added Gohan standing up. Goten blinked shoked.
“W-what?” Goten asked as Gohan stopped from heading out the door. “Gohan?”
“Hold on!” کہا Gohan closing the door. Goten stared confussed.
“What? Um, okay?” Goten heard footsteps coming up the stairs.
“Im back” Gohan کہا walking in with a big, heavy, rusty old looking book.
“What is that? And were is mom?”
“Don’t ask, just enjoy” کہا Gohan sitting اگلے to his brother. “Okay Goten, ready to see the best thing your eyes could had ever glanced at?” Goten grinned.
“Really?! Your making me excited! دکھائیں me!”
“Okay here we go…” Gohan happily کہا setting the big, rusty, old book on Goten’s legs. Goten looked down at it with a discusted look.
“Uh? Gohan…what is this poo?” asked Goten pointing at the book.
“Open it” Gohan کہا with a side smile.
“Okay?” Goten looked back down, and opened the book. Suddenly Goten’s gray eyes expanded in shock. His دل beated fast. “Is…is…this me?” asked Goten pointing at the baby. “Wen did my mom….wen did my mom took this picture of me? I don’t remember?” Gohan grinned big.
“That’s mom as a little girl.” Goten blinked confussed, then glanced at the picture closer.
“That’s mom? As… a little girl?”
“So? If that’s mom…then…the boy…standing with her…”
“Its dad.” Goten’s eyes watered.
“Yup!” Goten flipped to the اگلے page. He once again saw his dad and mom together, but they looked a lot older. Goten’s eyes watered even more. The اگلے picture, his dad was dressed up in a nice white suit. Chichi had a huge, white, as snow dress.
“Is…is that mom, and dad…getting married?”
“Yes…cute right?” asked Gohan happy.
“Oh yes!” Goten flipped the اگلے page, and the Ox-King al standing together. “Who is that?” asked Goten pointing at Ox-king. He seem’s familiar”
“He’s our grandpa.”
“Ohhh.” Goten flipped the اگلے page, and saw a baby. A baby in a پالنے, پالنا with a red, warm looking hat. On top, was the four سٹار, ستارہ ball. “Is that…is that me?”
“No…” saddly corrected Gohan.
“That’s…that’s you?” Gohan closed his eyes, and nodded his head up and down.
“That’s me…” Goten glanced back down at the picture. The album was closed سے طرف کی Goten’s hands. Gohan stared at Goten sad.
“Why!…why did آپ closed it?!” asked Gohan with a yell.
“Because…it hurts. Ive never seen dad in person. Ive never seen dad with my eyes. I never got to hugg him…love him like a sin.
“Oh Goten…you will see dad.”
“Yeah, wen he kills everyone, wenever my dad kills me.”
“No…you will get to see him. See the real him. All آپ have to do…is to believe. To believe in your abilities.” Goten nodded. He still had no clue, on how to do this. On how to believe.
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