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posted by allicyn1234
I cant believe what آپ کہا to me, last night we were alone.You threwyour hand up, baby آپ gave up, آپ gave up. I cant believe how آپ looked at me with your James Dean glosy eyes. in your tightjeans, and your long hair, and your cigarette sained lies. Could we fix آپ if آپ broke? and is your مککا, عجیب الخلقت line just a joke? I'll never talk again, oh boy youve let me speechless. You've left me speechless, so speecless... And i'll never love again. Oh boy you've left me speechless, youve left me speechless, so spechless......I cant beleive how آپ slurred at me, with your half wired broken jaw....
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posted by malmcd
I'm Fine.
That is the number one biggest lie.
An average person tells for lies a دن یا 1460 in a year,
A total of 87,600 سے طرف کی the age of 60.
And the biggest one is I'm fine...

When someone says there fine don't believe them...
Because really inside there feeling...
On the verge of tears.
About to break down.
Ready to give up.
A burden.
About to fall apart at any moment.
Never good enough.

All these things run through the person's head but all they can come up with is I'm fine......
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posted by SongGirl50701
 now me.
now me.

In only a few days is when the sun shines, fading in and out.
Oh how we all use to laugh and play until I ruined it all.
Ready to give in from a scrap from just last week, but what really comes within can really stab the fuck out of you.
I've been hated, told as attention and was burned inside and out.
My fatal goodbye is better than this living scrap I make, Its a ticket to a forever jail cell.
Secret talks that are held just silently reconized سے طرف کی the voices in my head. When one comes back, I won't be scared and as for in lonely, I got company ready for me to move. Just walking away from...
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posted by snootygirl50701
 I feel like this.
I feel like this.

I feel like there's a monster in my head that's clawing ne and killing me. Making me do horrible things to my body and bring those voices back. I found out how to control them but I'm 13. I will have medication for me depression. The secret: I'm going to over dose myself for a better life. I'll get out of your life, untangle it, and نگلنا about twelve to thirteen. First, I night be the age fourteen first. What the heck, I have a چھری right now. GOODBYE SOONER. I can't believe آپ guys keep tackling me when I push آپ away....
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posted by Happyflames
This is the story of the bully:
Some guy pushed me into the boys locker room. He had a criminal hat over his face with 2 holes in it.
????: Faggot! Give me your fuckin' drawing!
Me: No, آپ bitch! Leave me alone! *pulling on my note book.*
????: Are آپ a wimp! Give me the fucking drawing آپ bitch!!!!
Me: No get away Derian!!! *pulling my notebook away from him.*
Derian: Damn it! How did آپ know it was me?!?!?
Me: Dude, EVERYBODY knows what your voice sounds like because آپ yell shit at people! Could آپ just leave pervert!
Derian: *grabbes my drawing before I could get it.* Ah,ha! Woah...
Me: Give...
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posted by wolfcat343
It was a little thing
Such a little thing
And it begged me not to tell
So I took it سے طرف کی the hand
And it led me to hell
With بادام eyes
Such startled eyes
It کہا it wouldn't hurt
So I sandalled down the desperate stairs
Slipping on ancient dirt
With coos and yelps
And triumphant smile
It گیا کیا پوسٹ me a letter
And here I am as sick as the dead
With no hope of getting better
It was a little thing
Such a little thing
And it begged me not to tell
So I took it سے طرف کی the hand
And it led me to hell...

I don't claim this poem as my own, but I will put up some of my poems I wrote l8er
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