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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan and Courtney تصویر contains ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

posted by 123KittyCat
This one's for آپ pixicracker.

Duncan's pov

Princess was taking a شاور when I went into the bathroom, I went in even though the occupied sign was on the door, I really needed the bathroom. Princess's body is even better up close and without that bikini in the way. I was still drooling when she turned aruond.

Courtney's pov

I screamed bloody murder when I saw that pervert Duncan watching me in the shower, his grey blue eyes were practically popping out of his head. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body, then I stepped out of the شاور and slapped Duncan in the face, HARD.

Geoff's pov...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"Bridgette!Are آپ ready yet?!"I called from downstairs."I can't find anything to wear!"she replied."You have tons of clothes!Pick an outfit and let's go!"I said.Bridgette and I are going to this club I heard about.It's a dance club.I opened the front door then closed it and watched as Bridgette slid down teh rail of the stairs and hit the floor with her sneakers."Took ya long enough."I said."WhaterevLet's go."Bridgette said.We walked out the door and got into the car and drove off.We came up to a big door with a bunch of graffti on it."Is this the place?"Bridgette asked."Yup."I...
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Personally I've been obssessed with DXC for 2 years! Wow I need a life!LOL!But seriously it's so wrong what they are planning! Duncan seems مزید to blame than Courtney I mean this a guy who hit on Heather and Gwen and maybe مزید girls while they were dating! Plus he's suppose to be a Jonesy counterpart! PLAYER!!And if they are going سے طرف کی their counterparts then they can't do DXG that's a perdictable jONESY AND nIKKI! It cuts up all the drama break up and make up of the couple and it throws it all away for nothing! i MEAN Gwe nand Trent got مزید emphasize season 1 but they broke up season 2 meanwhile...
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posted by tdilovestories
This was actually a project were I had to rewrite a paragraph from Pride and Prejudice in the perspective of Mr. Dracy, but i thought that this could work for Duncan and Courtney......

Duncan has just talked to Courtney father about them getting married and know he has to get Courtney to go talk to her father. It is all about the way he sees her and it lets آپ know how much he loves her. This is exactly what im going to turn into my teacher so please tell me what آپ think.

As I exited the لائبریری my eyes drifted immediately to the میز, جدول that she and her sister, Kitty, were residing at. One...
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posted by lolibarbie
Courtney rushed over to the dead man, her fiance`. She smiled actually, and looked up at the girl that had shot her finace` on the night of their engagement, she کہا to her, "Thank you, آپ have shown me what i am supposed to do."

"No prob, i'm kirstyn."


"I want آپ and duncan to be together, and imma do anything to get there."

"Well, if we get married, i'll call آپ what's your number?"

"Uh here." She handed her a peice of paper and did like a triple flip and flipped out of the window onto a platform and ran away.

She looked over at Duncan and looked around the entire room and everyone...
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Later that دن from my last article.....
Courtney's POV:
i was sitting on my bunk watching gwen unpack her stuff then she کہا this, "What would آپ say if i asked duncan out like right now?"

My eyes grew wide i couls tell but then i said, "okay the only reason my eyes grew wide is cuz i can only tell آپ this...i do still like him but go ahaed ask him out" i totally faked smiled after that. then i walked out of the trailer and gwen followed me i called brigette and told her EVERYTHING that has been happening so far she grew silent and i said, "BRIGETTE YOU'RE BACK!!"

then she gasped and then...
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posted by lemon1110
Courtneys P.O.V:

SCENE: getting ready for new years. another party hosted سے طرف کی geoff and bridgette. but this time its at a HUGE club. duncans band is going to be playing. duncan plays the باس, گھنگھور and sometimes sings. he is now mrlting with love for courtney, but iznt sure if he should make a اقدام on her cuz she still hasnt forgiven him from tdwt.

Okay....... last دن of the year.....some luck please? no i should be lucky all this سال with my lucky number 11... (lemon1110: accually, thats my lucky number but whatever just go on with the story) i cant belive i kissed duncan on christmas. anastasia...
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Chris: So Geoff, first سوال is for you.

Geoff: Alright!

Chris: What colour are Bridgette's eye's?

Geoff: Erm...


Bridgette: He doesn't know what colour my eye's are? *looks hurt and confused*

Courtney: Ofcourse he does! He's just being... Geoff, at the moment. He'll get it right!

Bridgette: Really?

Courtney: Really *smiles*


Geoff: They're olive!

Chris: Thats correct! Now off آپ go, and find your loverrr! *smirks*

Geoff: Im coming Bridgey-boo! *runs off*

Chris: Ok Duncan, your question.

Duncan: Bring it on, i know everything...
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posted by rubberduck23
Duncan's POV: I ran to Samantha's house. I knocked on the door. A girl opened.
"Samantha! I-" I was interrupted سے طرف کی her soft voice.
"I am not Samantha, I'm Courtney, her twin." she replied.
"Oh, well where is she?" I asked. Could that be the girl who Samantha was trying to protect from me? I thought.
"She is out getting us bagels. Can I help you?" she asked. I shook my head.
"Hey, um since آپ are new here, why don't آپ come with us tonight at Redd's?"
"Sure," I said.
"I'll pick آپ up at six. Meet me at the corner if this street." I nodded and left. What did I get myself into? I thought.

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