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This Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson تصویر contains گرین beret, خصوصی افواج, اشرافیہ سپاہی, گرین باریٹ, سپیشل فورسز, ایلیٹ سپاہی, رائفل مین, رائفل, بحریہ مہر, مہر, and بحری مہر.

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Once upon a time, there was a girl, her name was Jessica. she was born on the سیکنڈ of may. Just as when The Rock was born. she was his biggest پرستار since his debut. People were calling her crazy, insane, stupid, etc. because she loved Dwayne like a freak! she was crazy about him. but there was something.. she hated, his wife! Dany Garcia! she actually hated her because she was jelious of her, she was really falling INLOVE with him. When they got divorced, she wanted to be happy but she couldn't.. she felt sorry for him, because she thought that he loved her so much. And he may be sad because...
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