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This Eclipse شبیہ might contain کاروبار سوٹ, بزنس سوٹ, پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ.

Did Bella think I insulted her? She looked angry. I was getting a little worried after a few منٹ when she didn't speak. Then I put one finger under Bella's chin so she would pay attention to what I was saying and I want her to know that I didn't mean what I said.
"Sorry. Really." I told her sencerely.
She looked at me, with a frustrated expression, which confused me. But then she spoke.
"I know. I know it's not the same thing. I shouldn't have reacted that way. It's just well, I was already thinking about Jacob before آپ over." she said.
I could tell that my expression hardened when she said...
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Mike should play Seth in eclipse, he's perfect! سے طرف کی TwiXians
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Official Eclipse trailer set to Torn ... Eclipse Soundtrack.
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Chapter 6: Unhappy Ending

The drive to California seemed to take an excruciatingly long time, even at vampire speeds. Carlisle was driving, his thoughts on work, with me in the passenger seat. Emmett and Jasper sat behind us, with Emmett’s thoughts shifting between Rosalie and his strategies for the looming hunting trip. Jasper kept begging me to settle down in his mind, and was concentrated on keeping me calm, although I’m not sure how much he was helping.

I eventually blocked out all their thoughts as best I could and got lost in my own. The only thing I was capable of doing at that moment...
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Chapter 5: Switzerland

Bella seemed distracted as she drove back towards Forks, no doubt lost in thought about that mutt. She didn’t notice at first when my silver Volvo pulled up inches behind her bumper, but eventually she glanced in her review mirror, and her دل soared. She knew Alice had called, and she knew I was probably angry. I assumed that when she saw I was behind her, she would pull over, but she continued driving, purposefully averting her eyes from my stare in her mirror. She obviously wasn’t ready to face me yet, which was just as well as I had yet to get my emotions completely...
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Chapter 4: Nature

As I had expected, Bella demanded a meeting with my family shortly after our incident with the dog in the parking lot. Luckily, I had seen this coming (confirmed سے طرف کی Alice, of course), and had gotten to my family first. I had convinced them all that Bella’s change could not happen while she was in a state of panic. Giving up your mortality was not a decision to take lightly, and doing it because آپ are afraid is not the right decision. They agreed with me wholeheartedly, and I was grateful.

The meeting itself had gone quickly, each of my family members telling Bella why she...
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When I arrived at Charlie’s, Bella was asking permission to go to La Push. Charlie’s thoughts were ecstatic that she was finally going to be talk to Jake. He didn’t care that it was the middle of the night. Quicker than a human eye could detect, I opened the ڈاکو, ہڈ of Bella’s truck, and quickly incapacitated it. I hopped in the passenger’s نشست and waited in the dark. It was cloudy tonight. Too cloudy for even the moon to shine through. I was rather annoyed that Bella would go behind my back to see Jacob, but I did warn her that I would stop her if she tried. Apparently she hadn’t...
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“You’re really not that good of a mechanic, Edward. Maybe آپ should have Rosalie look at it tonight, just so آپ look good if Mike decides to let آپ help, آپ know. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to watch his face if Rosalie showed up to help. But since Rosalie is supposed to be across the country attending college, I guess that’s not the best idea. Too bad. Though, I suppose, for Mike’s car, you’ll do. It’s only within the finer tunings of a good Italian sports car that you’re out of your depth. And speaking of Italy, and sports cars I چرا لیا, چوری کی there, آپ still owe me a yellow...
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In Alice's vision, I see Victoria in the forest right near Forks. Alice's face was completely blank, and I controlled my expression so Angela and Ben won't be wondering what's going on. We still have a secret to protect, the only exception was Bella.
"Alice? Alice!" Angela yelled while moving her hands back and forth in front of Alice's face. I stopped looking at the horror-strucked vision and pretended that it was not a big deal. I didn't need Bella to get worried. I won't let anything happen to her.

I made a casual laugh. Angela and Ben looked at me, but Bella was still staring at Alice. I...
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As usual, at night, I sticked سے طرف کی Bella's side, watching her sleep in peace. It made me smile when she کہا my name over and over again. Sometimes she make full sentences saying, "I love you, Edward."
I kissed her forehead, and said, "I never get tired of آپ saying saying that, I will always love آپ too."
As if she could hear me, she smiled slightly and drifted into deeper sleep.
I rubbed her arm, letting her know that I will never leave her out of my sight again.


It was already the اگلے day, and Bella and I were walking from Spanish class to the Cafeteria. Almost everyone ignored us....
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I stared at Bella with surprise as the dominant feature on my face. I didn't expect theory like this. When I didn't answer, Bella spoke again, she explained.
"Jacob told me that your family being here set things in motion. I thought آپ would already know...." she trailed off when my eyes narrowed.
Is she blaming us for the existence of werewolves.
"Is that what they think?" I asked.
"Edward, look at the facts. Seventy years ago, آپ came here, and the werewolves showed up. آپ come back now, and the werewolves showed up again. Do آپ think that's a coincidence?"
she reasoned.

I blinked. I thought...
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