It was a sunny دن in the Cul-De-Sac. The kids were going to have a sleepover at Edds house.

Sarah and Ed: Hi Double D!

Edd: Hello Sarah

Ed: Hello Ed!

Edd: Wait on the sofa while I get a surprise.

Sarah sits اگلے to Jimmy, while Ed sits اگلے to Eddy.

Eddy: ارے monobrow, can you-

Ed: Did آپ see Celebrity Death Match last night? Judy Garland beat up Marilyn Monroe.

Edd: I'm back!

Edd sits down on a chair.

Nazz: (Looking at the book Edd is holding) What kind of book is that?

Kevin: Is it a joke book?

Jimmy: A love story?

Johnny: A murder mystery?

Ed: Buttered toast?

Edd: Its a fairy tale. Its called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Ed: Boring! Lets watch a movie. How about The Killer Hotdogs from Planet Hot fudge کی, لغویات Sundae.

Eddy: Cmon, cmon. Just read the story, Double Meat Patty.

Edd: (Ignoring Eddy) Lets begin, shall we?

Rolf: Yes. As they say in my old country, The sooner the tale, the مزید likely your crops will survive the frost.

Edd: Here we go,. Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Snow White. Her mother died over a سال ago, so she went to live with her stepmother, who was a queen. Now, her stepmother was very evil and diabolical and treated Snow White as if she were her servant. Snow White didn't want to do all of the housework, but she did it anyway. The queen had a magic mirror a couple of feet away from her throne. Every single دن the queen asked the mirror this:

Queen (Sarah): Magic Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

Edd:(as narrator) The answer was always the same, the queen was the fairest in the land. One day, the queen asked the mirror

Queen (Sarah): Magic Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

Edd: But today the answer was different.

Mirror: Lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow.

Queen (Sarah): Who is this person?

Mirror: Snow White.

Queen (Sarah): SNOW WHITE?!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Edd: The queen was so furious that she called a huntsman into her palace. She sat on her تخت and began to talk to the huntsman.

Queen (Sarah): Go into the woods and murder Snow White for my sake.

Huntsman: But your majesty, آپ know I.

Queen (Sarah): (interrupting huntsman) آپ know the penalty if آپ fail.

Hunter: Yes, your majesty.

(Cut to Edds living room)

Jimmy: This story is scaring the Mr. Bojangles out of me, Sarah.

Sarah: Don't worry Jimmy.

Rolf: Will the murder man kill go-go Snow White girl?

Kevin: Of course not dude.

Ed: I Love Lucy!

Edd: Now, lets continue.

(cut to meadow where Snow White (Nazz) is picking flowers)

She keeps on picking flowers until she sees the shadow of the knife. Shes in horror.

Snow White (Nazz): AHHHH! (with shock)

Huntsman: I cant do it!

(The huntsman kneels in front of Snow White)

Huntsman: The queen is trying to kill you. Go into the forest, and never come back!

Snow White listened to him, and she ran into the forest. While Snow White was running, she came across a spooky area. Snow White was so terrified that she laid on the ground, crying. When she looked up, she saw a small cottage. There was no one home, so she went inside.

Snow White (Nazz): This place looks filthy. Id better tidy it up.

While Snow White was cleaning up the cottage, in one of the seven hills, were seven dwarfs working at the mine.

(Cut to room where two dwarfs are working. One dwarf is sweeping the floor, the other dwarf is inspecting gems)

Dwarf (Ed): Sweep the floor, sweep the floor, sweep the floor.

(The dwarf (Ed) sees a caterpillar.)

Dwarf (Ed): Hello.

He then wiggles like one on the ground.

Dwarf (Ed): Im gonna grow up to be a beautiful butterfly.

Dwarf (Eddy): Get back to work Dumby!

Dumby (Ed): Roger Rabbit, Crazy!

(Dumby dwarf comes over to the gem میز, جدول where he sees a pair of diamonds.)

Dumby (Ed): Shiny.

He then puts the diamonds in his eyes.

Crazy (Eddy): Put down those jewels!

Dumby (Ed): Ha, ha ha. O.K.

( Cut to other dwarfs picking at rocks)

Dwarf (Rolf): I am getting hot as a hot pig in a sweathouse. Its true that I am!

Dwarf (Kevin): Get back to work Truthful, before Crazy spots us not on the job.

Dwarf (Johnny): Dragsville!

Dwarf (Jimmy: Keep keep working working Modernly Modernly.

Modernly (Johhny): OK Repeatly dude.

Crazy (Eddy): (yelling): Its time to leave, so pack up your things and lets go home.

(The dwarfs form a line and they leave)

When the dwarfs saw their cottage, they stopped immediately.

Crazy (Eddy): STOP!!

Snoozy (Plank): ..

Modernly (Johnny): (to Snoozy) What did آپ say?

Snoozy (Plank):

Modernly (Johnny): Snoozy says there could be a stranger in our cottage.

Repeatly (Jimmy): I I agree agree with with Snoozy Snoozy.

Dumby (Ed): Evil Tim has beckoned it!

Hopeful (Kevin): I hope the thing in there is nice.

Truthful (Rolf): There is only one thing to do, we have to go inside.

The other dwarfs agreed with him, and they went inside.

(Cut to the dwarfs standing in a room)

Dumby (Ed): It could be the Headless کدو, لوکی from planet Coleslaw.

Crazy (Eddy): Shut up!

Hopeful (Kevin): One of us will have to go upstairs.

Modernly (Johnny): Good idea.

Dumby (Ed): Wart condos!

Repeatly (Jimmy): Lets lets draw draw straws straws.

Other dwarfs: O.K.

(Dumby is the last one to draw a straw)

Dumby (Ed): Is it naptime? My underwears going over my brain.

Crazy (Eddy) Get going, lumpy!

Dumby goes up the stairs, trembling. The other dwarfs follow him a couple of منٹ later.

Modernly (Johnny): I hear snoring.

Truthful (Rolf): From my honest inspections, that is just our sooty feet on the floor.

Crazy (Eddy): Whatever.

They go up to Snoozys بستر where they see a lumpy figure under the blanket.

Repeatly lifted up the blanket and he saw Snow White sleeping.

Repeatly (Jimmy): Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The the landlady landlady has has come come back back for for her her revenge revenge!

(Truthful prevents Repeatly from fainting)

Hopeful (Kevin): Thats not the landlady, its a a

All dwarfs: a girl

Modernly (Johnny): (To Truthful) Isnt she beautiful?

Truthful (Rolf): Yes, and she breathes like my سیکنڈ cousin once removed.

While the dwarfs were talking, Snow White woke up. One dwarf looked at her after she awoke.

Dumby (Ed): She lives! Hello, Miss whats-your-name.

Modernly (Johnny): (To Dumby) Youre kidding, shes awake?!

But the dwarf was right, Snow White was awake.

Snow White (Nazz): (*Yawn*) Ahh, what a nice nap. What the? Who are آپ guys?

All dwarfs: Were the seven dwarfs!

Crazy (Eddy): I'm Crazy dwarf, and I go crazy when I see beautiful girls and I'm also the leader of the dwarfs. Youre the اگلے dame on my Who to تاریخ and When book.

Snow White (Nazz): (Giggles)

Hopeful (Kevin): Im Hopeful dwarf, and Im always hoping that everything will be O.K.

Snow White (Nazz): Pleased to meet you.

Repeatly (Jimmy): Im Im Repeatly Repeatly dwarf dwarf, and and I I repeat repeat every every word word I I say say.

Truthful (Rolf): Hello, I am Truthful dwarf and I am very honest as my name suggests.

Modernly (Johnny): Hi babe, I act like a person from the سال 2002.

Snow White (Nazz): Whoa, cool.

Modernly (Johnny): This is Snoozy, he sleeps a lot.

Snoozy (Plank): ..

Modernly (Johnny): Snoozy says he can tell good jokes.

Dumby (Ed): Im Dumby and Im nice to my friends

Crazy (Eddy): Hes also very dumb.

Hopeful (Kevin): (To Snow White) Whats your name?

Snow White (Nazz): Why, Im Snow White.

All dwarfs: Snow White, the princess!!!?

Snow White (Nazz): Yes.

Dumby (Ed): Pork.

Repeatly (Jimmy): Why why are are آپ آپ here here?

Snow White (Nazz): Well, the queen is out to kill me.

Crazy (Eddy): The queen is out to kill you?

Snow White (Nazz): Yes

Modernly (Johnny): We dont trust the queen one bit.

Snow White (Nazz): Excuse me, is it okay if I can stay here for a while?

Snoozy (Plank): .

Modernly (Johnny): Snoozy says آپ can stay here as long as آپ want.

Snow White (Nazz): Thank you! آپ know, I can cook good food for آپ guys, do the house work while youre gone, clean

Crazy (Eddy): Did آپ say آپ can cook good food, my cutie patootie?

Snow White (Nazz): Um yes, I did.

All dwarfs: She can cook good food! Hooray!!!!!!!

Dumby (Ed): Yum, like cheese?

Other dwarfs: NO!!!

Snow White (Nazz): Im going to go downstairs to make supper. آپ guys can come down too.

(Cut to Edds living room)

Edd: Then (Looks at his watch) Oh dear, my cocoons need tending. Ill be right back.

Edd leaves the room.

Eddy: (Mimicking Edd): Oh dear, my cocoons need tending. Ill be right back.

Plank: ..

Johnny: Whats that, Plank?

Plank: ..

Johnny: Plank says quit mimicking Double D یا hell call the police.

Eddy: (To himself) Wheres an ax when I need one.

Edd sits on the chair

Edd: Now where did we leave off? Oh yes, right here. Lets continue, shall we?

(Cut to رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا میز, جدول where dwarfs are sitting while Snow White is cooking supper)

Hopeful (Kevin): I hope youll like our lifestyle and our safety features.

Snow White (Nazz): I hope Ill like them too.

Dumby (Ed): Not to mention a duck.

(Snow White looks at the dwarfs)

Snow White (Nazz): Arent آپ guys forgetting something?

Crazy (Eddy): Nope, were all ready for supper, sugar cookie.

Snow White (Nazz): No youre not, because آپ guys need to wash your hands and faces.

Truthful (Rolf): Why do we have to wash them?

Snow White (Nazz): First of all, آپ have to wash your hands so آپ dont get germs on your food and آپ have to wash your hands after آپ eat too. Second, I want آپ to wash your faces because they look filthy.

Repeatly (Jimmy): Do do we we have have to to?

Snow White (Nazz): Yes.

Hopeful (Kevin): (To Dwarfs) آپ heard her, lets go.

Crazy (Eddy): (To Hopeful) Thats my line!

Hopeful (Kevin): Too late, I already کہا it.

(The dwarfs get up to wash up)

Dumby (Ed): (Running and lagging behind) Cluck, cluck, cluck.

(Cut to dwarfs standing at a long washtub)

Crazy (Eddy): Does anyone here besides Snow White know how to wash their hands and face?

Dumby (Ed): A is for helping which comes from a tree. B is for lifting three little dwarfies! (Lifts three dwarfs and drops them in the water) And C is for چکوترا which I don't like one bit, except with some cranberry, parsley and a sprig of

Modernly (Johnny): I think Snoozy remembers how to do it.

Later, the dwarfs finish washing up and go downstairs and sit at the میز, جدول and eat their dinner.

(Cut to queens castle)

Queen (Sarah): Magic mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them all?

Mirror: Lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow. She now lives in the wooded glen, with the seven little men.

Queen (Sarah): Snow Whites still alive!?!? Grrrrrrrrr. I have to think of a plan to get rid of Snow White, my other plans didnt work, but what should I do now?

Then the queen remembered she was skilled at witchcraft, so she got up and she went to a room where no one has been except for herself.

After she got into the room, the queen grabbed a box. She opened the box and there sat a small bottle.

Queen (Sarah): Wheres the instructions? Ah, here they are. (grabs the instructions from a میز, جدول and reads)Drink this and turn into a hideous witch and do your stuff O.K. so Ill just do what the dumb label says.

She drank the potion and started to notice her hand was starting to turn warty and so was her face and legs. She then started to choke and gag. In a couple of منٹ she started to cackle uncontrollably.

Witch (Sarah): Wow, this thing really works, I should use this مزید often. Now, wheres my book of spells, oh, here it is. (reads off of book) Poison comb, used it, choking corset, used it, ah, here's one I haven't used, the poison apple.

While the witch thought of the plan, Snow White and the dwarfs were having a dance party in the cottage.

Modernly (Johnny): ارے guys, look what I've got!

Snow White (Nazz): (Looking at a radio) What the heck is that?

Dumby (Ed): Faol krop!

Modernly (Johnny): This isnt foal ہے, بچھیری krop, Dumby, Its a radio.

(Modernly (Johnny) turns on the radio and every body starts to dance)

Snoozy (Plank):

Modernly (Johnny): (To Snoozy) Stop sleeping and dance!

(Dumby (Ed) wiggles on the floor)

Dumby (Ed): سوئنگ, جھول it!

Crazy (Eddy): Get off the floor آپ idiot!

Dumby (Ed): Chuck E. Cheese!

Crazy (Eddy): Shut Up!

Dumby (Ed): Hey, The Simpsons are on, can we pull our pants over our heads when we watch it, if so, HOORAY FOR CAPTAIN SPAULDING!

Crazy (Eddy): Sometimes I don't get you.

Dumby (Ed): I love آپ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Snow White (Nazz): Oh no, its past 10:45, all of آپ to بستر now.

(All the dwarfs complain)

Truthful (Rolf): Why dont آپ tell us a bedtime story go-go Snow White girl?

Snow White (Nazz): O.K.

(The dwarfs sit on the floor and listen to her)

Snow White (Nazz): There once was a very beautiful princess who fell in love with a very handsome prince.

Dumby (Ed): Bring on the bumper cars!

Other dwarfs: Shhhhhhh!

Snow White continues with her romance story, and when she finishes, the dwarfs go to bed. Snow White went up to her بستر (the dwarfs made her a بستر of her own a couple of weeks ago) prayed, and fell asleep quickly. The dwarfs household was suddenly quiet.

(Cut to the witch's chamber where she is holding the finished apple)

Witch (Sarah): The سیب, ایپل is complete! Tomorrow will be the end of Snow White. Then Ill be the fairest in the land! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The اگلے morning the dwarfs had already gone to the mine and Snow White was making some gooseberry pie.

Snow White (Nazz): This will be a great surprise when the dwarfs come home.

???: I see youre making a pie for someone.

Snow White (Nazz): Who کہا that?

???: I'm at the window in front of you.

Snow White looked at the window, and she saw an old peddler woman, who was really the witch in disguise.

Snow White (Nazz): Is that an سیب, ایپل in your hand?

Witch (Sarah): Actually, its a magic apple, and if آپ take a bite, it will grant your wish.

Snow White (Nazz): Let me think about it, and Ill tell آپ when Im done.

Witch (Sarah): O.K.

Now, some animals heard the entire thing, and they ran off to warn the dwarfs.

(Cut to Edds living room)

Jimmy: Will Snow White fall for the Witchs plan?

Edd: آپ will find out while I read the story, Jimmy.

Ed: Sh

Kevin: (Grabbing Ed) Let me guess, Sheepskin Seatcovers.

Kevin lets go of Ed and Ed returns to his seat.

Ed: (To Eddy) He knew what I was going to say.

Sarah: Blah, blah, blah. Shut up and let Double D read the story.

Edd: Sarahs right, آپ should let me read the story. Now where did we leave off? I found it! Lets continue the story.

(Cut to dwarfs going to the mine)

Repeatly (Jimmy): Guess what آپ guys?

Crazy (Eddy): What is it?

Dumby (Ed): Did little Timmy fall down the well again?

Repeatly (Jimmy): No. Snow Whites speech therapy was a success! Now 'Ill be able to speak in public.

Truthful (Rolf): Good for آپ rep (He hears the animals talking to the dwarfs)

Modernly (Johnny): Whats that Snoozy?

Snoozy (Plank): ..

Modernly (Johnny): Snoozy says that the queen is trying to give Snow White a poison apple. OH NO!!!!!

Other Dwarfs: OH NO!! WE MUST SAVE HER!!!

Dumby (Ed): Mesa called on Jar Jar Binks!!

(cut to dwarfs cottage where Snow White (Nazz) is making her wish)

Snow White (Nazz): I wish to be with my prince forever and ever.

Witch (Sarah): May your wish come true and take a bite.

Snow White (Nazz) takes a bite of the سیب, ایپل and chokes on it and falls to the floor and dies in her sleep.

Witch (Sarah): AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! Now I'm the fairest in the land!

(The queen went outside, where it was raining)

???: Stop where آپ are!

The Witch turned around and saw the dwarfs riding on some deer.

Hopeful (Kevin): We know who آپ are.

Repeatly (Jimmy): You're the evil queen.

Modernly (Johnny): آپ KILLED SNOW WHITE!!!!!

Other dwarfs: YEAH!!!!

Witch (Sarah): You'll never take me alive, آپ seven little jerks!

The Witch (Sarah) runs away with the dwarfs chasing her on the deer.

They eventually run up a narrow mountain where the queen is about to push a big boulder on them!

Witch (Sarah): Im going to crush your little bodies! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the boulder and the witch, eventually making the boulder and the witch plunged to their death.

(Cut to Edds living room)

Eddy: (Being sarcastic) This is so sad, I think I'm going to cry. (Starts to pretend he's crying)

Ed: (Trying to comfort Eddy) There, there, Eddy. Ill make آپ a hot cup of gravy.

Edd: Eddy, stop being sarcastic and let me finish the story. Now, lets finish the story.

(Cut to the dwarfs kneeling at a beautiful coffin with Snow White in it)

Modernly (Johnny): (*sniff*) She was a beautiful princess.

Dumby (Ed): (*sob*) Whos gonna push me on the swing, یا come play with me? (*sob*) Whos gonna help me مکھن my toast?

Truthful (Rolf): Yes, and she never tried any of my candied beets.

The dwarfs heard a noise. They turned around and they saw a Prince (Edd).

The Prince (Edd) lifted up the coffin case and he gently kissed Snow White on the lips. Then Snow White was alive again! Then the Prince (Edd) put Snow White on his horse and they rode off into the sunset. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

(Cut to Edds living room)

Jimmy: That was a great story.

Edd: I agree with Jimmy. Now who wa-

They all hear the sound of horses trotting.

Edd: Lets see where that noise is coming from.

Everyone goes outside and they see Snow White (Nazz), the Prince (Edd), the dwarfs, and the queen (Sarah). They are on horses.

Eddy: Who are آپ guys?

Prince (Edd): Well, this is Snow White, I'm the Prince, that's the queen, and those are the seven dwarfs.

Edd: Lets see if آپ are the people آپ say آپ are. (Edd gets out an identification machine and reads the answers) He's right, they are the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Kevin: And

Jimmy: they

Sarah: look

Nazz: just

Rolf: like

Ed: .. Nope, can't think of a word.

Snow White (Nazz): Would آپ let us stay here for the night?

Edd: Certainly.

Everyone except Dumby (Ed) and Ed go inside.

Dumby (Ed): Oreos for breakfast?

Ed: This could be a start to a very good day.

Then they both laughed together.

----The ED----