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1."New Divide"-Linkin Park
2."Animal I Have Become"-Three Days Grace
3."Smells Like Team Spirit"-Nirvana
4."Running Up That Hill"-Placebo
5."Animal"-Neon Trees
6."Blue and Yellow"-The Used
7."Welcome To The Black Parade"-My Chemical Romance
8."Sexy Back"-Justin Timberlake
9."Come Home"-OneRepublic
10."Look After You"-The Fray
11."Grenade"-Bruno Mars
12."Weightless"-All Time Low
13."So Cold"-Breaking Benjamin
14."Pages"-There For Tomorrow
15."Stay Out"-Hit The Lights
17."My Eyes Burn"-Matchbook Romance
18."Breath Today"-Flyleaf
19."Sink Into Me"-Taking Back Sunday
20."Die Romantic"-Aiden
21."Breath Into Me"-Red

Those are the songs that remind me of Edward, make me think of Edward all of those things. In the Midnight Sun Playlist that Stephanie Meyer made I only used one song, which is the سیکنڈ one on the list.
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