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I'm broken In a million pieces, and every time I try to pick them up, i find that I've lost many pieces over the years. I تلاش every دن for the pieces I've lost, put I come up empty. Many people have told me to start over. But how can آپ start over when آپ don't no were آپ left off? I want nothing مزید but to find myself again. But when you've been lost with no signs of where آپ were it's very hard to learn it all again. It's as if آپ were a book of old memories, But they forget about آپ as they make the newer ones. The tears I have cried and all the times I have lied to myself, they are worthless because no body wants to remember me. I find that I need to break away from the people that have taken me down. and I'm going to be a new person!
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disclaimer:i dont own the characters

The best pianst who ever lived was Vladimir Horowitz. Well, maybe Mozart یا Beethoven یا one of those ancient guys was really the best, but nobody knows because they didnt have CDs یا ویژن ٹیلی یا anything back then. But once TV and recordings came around, thte best guy for sure was Vladimir Horowitz. I saw a دکھائیں about Vladimir Horowitz one time. I wanted to watch that old دکھائیں on TV land about the twins who are always switching names and clothes and playing tricks on their teachers and boyfriends, but my mom said, "Zoe, either آپ can...
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Dear Aillie
Thanks 4 always being there when i needed آپ I felt like آپ were always there when I needed a friend and I love آپ for that so much آپ are a wonder kind and sweet person and I love آپ even if u are crazy as hell!!! آپ are defiantly so body i wanna no 4eva! U are one of my sisters :P and I love آپ way to much!!! آپ are one of de best ppl I no and I love u so much MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! and tons of joy and happiness. Keep on being the fun and crazy آپ I love!!!!
Missie :)

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Some people cut there arms.
Some people drink.
Some people kill.
Some people wonder.
Some people Hide.
Some people cry.
Some people die.
Some people keep it in.
Some people let it out in a friend.
Some people scream in a pillow.
Some people lock it up inside.
How do آپ feel the pain?
How to آپ let it out.
Have آپ kept it inside.
No longer time to hide.
Let it out.
Scream it to the heavens.
let it out.
Say something no one knew آپ went threw.
Say something no body knew about you.

"Pain is weakness leaving the body"... A سوفی, لٹانا at my school کہا this.
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Dear Katie,

It's christmas and i cant stop thinking of how caring, sweet, lovely, beautiful, talented آپ are... i could go on for days talking about how a miracle آپ are! Your the best sis one could have! I'll be thinking of آپ all through the holiday season and any other time! Your SO talented and special to me!!! I can't tell آپ how much i care for you, sis! Your the best one could have!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Love <3, your sis,


P.S.- here are some poems i found to tell آپ how i feel! <3

A Place I Call Home

When I'm feeling down and out
Not wanting to be alone
I have somewhere I love...
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posted by valerie225
Dear Katie,
Thx so much 4 everything u have done 4 me nd especially that مضمون was just over the top!! Nd i ust wanted 2 tell u that u r my best friend nd what the hell u r just like a sister 2 me also u r so nice u r worth a million dollars i can guarenttee that......... I LOVE U SIS SOOOOO MUCH nd i never ever in a million yrs want 2 lose u!!!!
I love u sooo much,

P.S justin bieber is kewl nd soooo r u

THX 4 saying i should marry justin bieber that was like me winning a million dollars but i already got my million dollars rite here w/ me nd making my everyday a better day
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Dear Bri
thanks for always being there when I need آپ and thanks for all the mind hugs! I want to give آپ millions of hugs! and I love آپ so very much! آپ are a wonderful friend and I love آپ way to much!
آپ always can make me smile and laugh and i love that about you! Guess what THAT WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU!!! tons of hugs and loves

P.s Justin Bieber is way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JUSTIN BIEBER JUST CUZ I WANT HER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was right, I could tell he was my Uncle. I looked to the far end دیوار I wanted his image out of my head. But I saw a boy that looked nothing like the others. It was Dene, He looked at me and کہا "Uncle آپ never کہا it be her." he ran to my side. "guards take him , unless he wants to شامل میں us." My uncles dark and evil voice said. "I'll شامل میں you." Dene said, but I could tell that he did not mean it. "Young Boy go get the girl, if آپ let her be free I kill Tasha." Uncle کہا almost yelling. Then he looked to me with almost joy and کہا "My darling Give me you're power." "No!!!" I yelled...
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