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Actually...I was bored, but anyway I hope this clan continues to grow because I need مزید subjects XD. Actually I just want to see this clan be successful for the clan's sake. Oh my gosh I feel so hyper, did آپ know I ate this huge ماؤس today, it tasted like a fish, yes I have had مچھلی before, It's one of the perks of having a mate who has water powers :D. I wonder if the ماؤس was rotten, I guess that explained the stomach ache I had that afternoon XD. آپ know I have the best mate ever, she gives me مچھلی XD, and she is beautiful and she helps me run the clan and not to mention she gives me مچھلی XD. I feel so random today, I wonder just what was in that ماؤس XD. Oh I wandered around randomly this morning and found a rouge who really must have hated me because we got in a fight, though I won without having to kill یا even really injure ether one of us, thank goodness for debate. Well that's all for the announcement today, feel free to comment. :3
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