1- Emma gets along very well with all the other actors from Harry Potter.

2- Emma plays field hockey, tennis, rounders and netball. She also dances in several different styles, like break dancing and modern, and likes to take art classes

3- Emma is admires Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts and love to watch their movie flicks whenever she is free.

4- Emma admires Natalie Portman and Renee Zellweger for their willingness to take on challenging roles in film, even if they are not typically beautiful characters

5-Emma began filming “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” at age 10. She had auditioned for Hermione because her دوستوں did, and she thought it would be “a laugh.” It was the first audition she ever did.

6- Until she was five years old, Emma lived in France.

7- Her پسندیدہ school subjects are art, history and English. Her least پسندیدہ are math and geography.

8- Her پسندیدہ color is light blue.

9- Watson believes that too often the media portrays only stupid girls, یا smart girls who dumb themselves down.

10- Her parents, both British lawyers, are Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson.

11- She loves staying in school because she feels it keeps her in touch with reality. Emma was hesitant to portray Hermione in the final two installments of the “Harry Potter” فلمیں because she really wanted to have a normal life.

12- Emma has کہا she thinks the chances are slim that she will ever be involved in another project that is as successful as “Harry Potter.”

13- Emma was ranked #69 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 of 2011 list. (Why Not #1 ??)

14- Her full name is Emma شارلٹ Duerre Watson and she is popularly known as Em in her friend’s circuit.

15- From very young age, Emma wanted to be an actor and she eventually enrolled in the آکسفورڈ branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts to learn Acting, Singing and Dancing

16- In 2005. When she was 15, she was the youngest person to be featured on Teen Vogue Magazine.

17- Emma has also participated in the UK Rock Challenge and also brought her team to semifinals also.

18- In 2009, Emma was ranked 6th as Hollywood Most Valuable Stars and in 2010, she was crowned with Hollywood Most Paid Female Star.

19- She took a gap سال between her A-levels (spring 2008) and یونیورسٹی (autumn 2009).

20- She has donated personal belongings یا handmade items for auction for charities in the past, including Wild ٹراؤٹ Trust, Sense, DIFFA/Dallas, and Blue Peter's Mission Nutrition.

21- Emma has a younger brother Alexander, half brother from her biological father that is named Toby, and half twin sisters also from her father that are called Nina and Lucy. She also has 2 stepbrothers from her step father.

22- Emma is a cat lover. She has two cats named Bubbles and Domino.

23- Her favourite book from the Harry Potter saga is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

24- In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated her earnings for the سال at $4 million. At the time she was 17 years old. She was also named the 'Highest Grossing Actress of the Decade' سے طرف کی the Guiness Book of World Records. Her film work in the past decade has grossed over 5.4 billion dollars worldwide (2009).

25- Her پسندیدہ movie is Notting ہل, لندن (1999). Her پسندیدہ ویژن ٹیلی دکھائیں is "Friends" (1994).

26- Passed her driving test on her first attempt, January 28, 2008.

27- Entering Brown یونیورسٹی after completion of the Harry Potter فلمیں (July 21, 2009). Her publicist, Vanessa Davies, کہا that Emma will transfer from Brown یونیورسٹی to Oxford. (Now She's On Oxford)

28- Had to wait until she was fifteen before she was allowed to have her ears pierced.

29- At the age of 12, she had a crush on her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy.

30- In 2004 Emma Watson was asked to be a judge at the First Light Awards. This was a very big honour as some of the UK's bigger names in film were asked to judge.