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posted by SilentForce
Parent: King Charming
Parent's Story: Every fairytale where a Prince Charming comes to rescue.
Roommate: Hunter Huntsman
Secret Heart's Desire: I don't want to be just anyone's Prince Charming. She should be my true love. That's my idea of Happily Ever After.
My "Magic" Touch: For some reason, girls swoon when I take off my glasses.
Storybook Romance Status: I'm trying to summon up the courage to ask out Raven Queen.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I have a hard time seeing without my glasses. I've been told they block my "enchanting eyes," whatever that means.
پسندیدہ Subject: Hero Training. I may not be the king of the class, but I love a good challenge.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Advanced Wooing. Unlike my brother, I always trip over my words when I try to charm girls.
Best دوستوں Forever After: My brother Daring Charming and my roommate Hunter Huntsman.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: Pinocchio
Parent's Story: The Adventures of Pinocchio
Powerful Qualities: Artistic, Honest, Friendly
Roommate: Cerise Hood
Secret Heart's Desire: Yeah, I want to be a real girl, but mostly I just want to choose what I want (or don't want) to say.
My "Magic" Touch: I'm a hexcellent swimmer because I always float! Hey, being made of magical wood has its advantages!
Storybook Romance Status: I cannot tell a lie, a relationship is not exactly my سب, سب سے اوپر priority now.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Because of my curse, I can't keep a secret. It's not my fault, but my دوستوں have to be really careful what they say around me.
پسندیدہ Subject: Arts & Crafts. Whether I'm painting, drawing یا sculpting, I feel most free when I'm being creative.
Least پسندیدہ Subject: Woodshop. All those saws and sand belts give me stress splinters.
Best دوستوں Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cerise Hood.
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