Fairy Tail Fairytail RP: Your magic, your character, your world

Othyrword posted on Oct 12, 2018 at 12:32AM
Hello all! This is going to be a roleplay post for any who are interested.

A few rules:
-Characters must be original
-Characters must have weaknesses (No OP powerhouses here, thanks)
-Keep it PG13
-Limit your cussing
-Don't kill other characters

Please give this information if you want to join:
Basic Personality:
Basic Backstory:
Basic Appearance (Or reference picture):
Guild (Can be in an existing guild):

And this information if you want to start a guild:
Guild Name:
Guild Master:
Aspiration (For example, Fairytail is all about friendship, while Sabertooth is about being the best):

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قبل ماہ X Othyrword said…
Name: Sequoia Khatri
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Magic: Can collect and release pure energy
Basic Personality: Always running around to find new things (people, hobbies places), picks up a new hobby every week, goes into random depressive slumps, terrified that she's pushing people away for good but can't bring herself to stop, always pulling herself in 10 directions at once, bonds completely with a few people and becomes dependent on them, addictive personality
Basic Backstory: Sequoia was born with too much energy, and has always sought to release it. She left home early, adventuring as a way to see the world and establish herself as a capable wizard. Eventually, she ended up in Prometheus. She's been steadily rising up the ranks, gaining prestige and fame as the lieutenant in a powerful guild.
Guild: Prometheus

Guild Name: Prometheus
Guild Master: Cassandra Priam
Backstory: This guild was originally a branch of the military meant to defend the citizens during times of war. After a few leadership disagreements, they branched off from the military, becoming an independent guild. They still stuck to the idea of helping the citizens and will help people for free or reduced prices.
Aspiration: Protecting people who can't protect themselves
 Name: Sequoia Khatri Age: 22 Gender: Female Magic: Can collect and release pure energy Basic Pers
قبل ماہ X Catgirl101 said…
Name- Hara Meiko
Age- 14
Gender- Female
Magic- Gravity ( Can change the weight of objects around her)
Personality- Is quite reserved. She had social anxiety and has a hard time making friends. The few people she is friends with say she is bubbly and always smiling. Enjoys running long distances and is often seen running around town. Also enjoys reading and always has her head in a book. She thinks of herself as weak and incapable of doing anything helpful. Despite being her best friend she tells Hara she isn't intelligent and insist on protecting her. Due to this she developed a state of self consciousness.
Backstory- Hara grew up in a normal household with loving parents and an annoying brother. In order to study magic she moved away to join a guild, her parents rented her an apartment close to the guild hall. She trains almost everyday and is trying to get stronger.
Guild- Promtheus
Appearance- Long pink hair with blue eyes. She usually wears shorts and t-shirt with a long jacket and boots.