Family Guy is great دکھائیں but like most long running tv shows it starts to decline. What the دکھائیں needs to do is to fully develop into a دکھائیں with many genres like action,sci-fi, psychological, and thriller instead of comedy all the time. The episodes need unexpected twists to destroy the status quo and create a series of continuing events and have the characters go rogue against the writers in an all-out war with لومڑی for nearly ruining the دکھائیں in the first place. The دکھائیں needs intelligent and creative ideas to make the دکھائیں better again especially nowadays. The دکھائیں needs A+ episodes to be مزید relatable and sophisticated towards the audience. The اندازی حرکت quality needs to be مزید organic and 3D. The characters deserve better voice actors to make sound مزید soothing and cool. Family Guy should be smart like South Park but smarter to compete with Rick and morty but million times ahead in storytelling and abandon all the flaws in the writing. It definitely lost its edge but it still has potential to make drastic changes for the better.