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posted by papa
 Win fantastic prizes!
Win fantastic prizes!
Hello Fanpoppers. سے طرف کی now آپ may have noticed a nifty new feature was rolled out this afternoon. It's the Fanpop Pop Quiz, a way to test your knowledge of all sorts of arcane trivia from movies, to موسیقی to hamsters.

Before diving into the details of the game, I want to send out a hearty THANKS to the Fanpop team. In particular, a big سہارا to link who put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this feature.

I'd also like to thank all the great beta testers who helped us test and refine the feature for the past month. Finally, a thank آپ to link - the site that provided the nifty default شبیہ sets for the spot pop quizzes and superquiz.

Now onto the nitty-gritty...the specifics about the quiz.

Playing the Quiz

آپ can play the کوئز in one of two ways.

1) The Super Quiz

link is the ultimate test of fanpopper knowledge. Superquiz pulls سوالات from the full spectrum of topics on the site. Each سوال will tell آپ what topic and channel it's about. Just start answering سوالات to start racking up points and winning virtual prizes. If آپ run across a سوال آپ don't want to answer, آپ can simply click the "skip this question" link to get a new question.

آپ can also use the filter in the right column of the superquiz ("show سوالات for") to only display سوالات from a specific channel (e.g. movies) یا to only display سوالات from subjects آپ are subscribed to.

A small module on the lower right side of the page will display your superquiz progress (how many points you've scored, how many سوالات asked and what your current prize is).

2) Individual Pop Quizzes

If آپ want zero in on a specific topic, we also feature pop quizzes for each پرستار club (spot). So for instance, if آپ wanted to play The Office Pop Quiz, just go to The Office پرستار Club and click the "quizzes" link below the spot banner (there is also a module on the right side of each پرستار club homepage that will allow آپ to start playing).

Spot-specific quizzes have their own leaderboards and prize sets (see the small module in the lower right column of the spot کوئز pages).

Making کوئز Questions

To make a کوئز سوال آپ will need to go to the پرستار Club's کوئز and click the "add a question" link یا button.

When creating a سوال آپ must:
* Ask a question
* Enter at least 2 possible answers
* Select the correct answer

Optionally آپ may:
* Add an image
* Embed a video
* Add تصاویر for each of the possible answers
* Add some short trivia about the question

آپ have some limited editing capabilities once آپ کریں شائع a question, but it's best to make sure that آپ have spelled everything correctly and have made the سوال and answer factually correct before posting.

Additionally, here are some other tips for making good questions:
* Play the کوئز in the پرستار club before posting new questions. This way آپ can avoid making duplicate questions.
* Avoid subjective سوالات (e.g "Who do آپ like better?). Subjective سوالات should be گیا کیا پوسٹ as picks.
* Avoid سوالات that are time-specific یا can be rendered incorrect سے طرف کی events in the future. For instance: "What's the highest grossing British film of all-time?". A better سوال is "As of 2007, what's the highest grossing British film of all-time?". For TV shows that are still airing, a سوال like "How many seasons of One درخت Hill"? is also a bad idea (until the دکھائیں has concluded).
* Avoid vague questions: "Who did John kiss on tonight's episode?" is ambiguous if John kisses someone in every episode. A better سوال would be "Who did John kiss in the season 3 episode, 'The Hunted'"?

Reporting Quizzes

If آپ see an inaccurate, inappropriate یا badly worded کوئز question, آپ can flag it یا contact the Fanpop team.

کوئز creators do have limited ability to modify their سوالات after they are made, however we have curtailed these options in order to prevent any abuse.

Note that in some instances, the Fanpop team will need to خارج سوالات in order to be fair to the people participating in the game. If this happens, feel free to repost a corrected version of the question.

Leaderboard & Prizes

As آپ gain points سے طرف کی playing the quiz, آپ will notice that آپ gain new "prizes". link

We have also made some "custom" prize sets for certain pop quizzes (should be out shortly) :-)
* The Office
* Lost
* Harry Potter
* Movies
* Europe
* سٹار, ستارہ Wars
* Disney

If آپ have ideas یا want to make a custom prize sets for other spots, feel free to message me.

The link as well as link allow آپ to compare your performance against other fans.

آپ can view leaderboard info for:
* vs. all-time leaders
* vs. دوستوں (people آپ are a پرستار of)
* کوئز makers

Odds & Ends

A few other items of note:
* There's a new سہارا type for the کوئز questions
* پروفائل page includes scores for all your individual quizzes (link)
* پروفائل page includes all your کوئز contributions (link)
* آپ can also view a link on the site

That's it for now. But as always, we'll be planning to improve the feature as time goes on. So don't hesitate to drop be a line if آپ have any feedback!
 I imagine I won't last on the leaderboard for very long now that everyone is playing ;-)
I imagine I won't last on the leaderboard for very long now that everyone is playing ;-)
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I'm not leaving, munchkins..I know آپ are slightly disappointed now and were waiting for some eDrama (or happy to see me FINALLY desert the pop to live on my farm full time and stop clogging your "answers") but it's just boring old me sharing my thoughts on reporting. Forgive's Sunday..and I had the time.
I sometimes stumble across obvious spam (yes, I'm talking aboot آپ chinese shoe and handbag sellers!) on this site that has been there for months and I wonder why it was never removed. I also see quizzes where people have been informed of a mistake and yet months later the wrong quiz...
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*Shyly posts* Yea..I made one too. c:

How long have آپ been on Fanpop?
I've been on here since 2011, on a different account of course. I left because there was way to much going on with that one. I re visit sometimes.
I'm thinking about leaving tho.

Which club are آپ most active on?
Anime, there would be مزید but they're dead. I really wish most of the کلب will get back active again. One دن huh?

Which Club is your favorite?
Anime, because I really love anime.

Which section is your favorite?
The فورم section, that's usually where I am.

Are آپ "known" for anything on Fanpop?
Mhm well, I use...
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