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 I'm a پرستار Clicked
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 What else would the Medal Whore be thinking about?
What else would the Medal Whore be thinking about?
Not sure about all the different Fanpop users out there? Check out this handy guide! Have a look at some of the extremes of Fanpop-dom without even having to meet users like these. Also, not trying to offend anyone with this, this is just for fun, :)

The Obsessed Fan: As guessable سے طرف کی the name, this شائقین level of fandom goes above and beyond normal fans. They are likely to have a نام کا صارف that pertains to their obsession somehow. Ex: TwiEdwardLuvr, GagaMonster, Shakespeare4Life, etc. (Note: just because someone has a نام کا صارف pertaining to a certain fandom does not automatically classify someone...
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I found a فہرست of science fiction پرستار words that I thought some of آپ guys out there in the Fanpop domain would enjoy (I've tried to define them in relation to Fanpop):

Actifan : A پرستار who's active in fandom (by Writing soapbox articles, starting فورم etc.)

BNF : a Big Name Fan

Croggle : To shock یا Astound (If someone croggles you, آپ are croggled یا becroggled)

Egoboo : An ego boost (the sort caused سے طرف کی finding your مضمون featured یا someone new being a پرستار of you)

Egoscan : To skim through an مضمون (publication) looking for your name mentioned (like googling yourself)

Faan : A پرستار who's...
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posted by megloveskyle
I have noticed recently that ratings on very great material are extremly low. I can understand ویڈیوز that are of poor quality but لنکس like IMDb یا fansites are being rated as low. These are what I have been calling "petty rates". If آپ have a problem with someone on Fanpop don't take it out on their ratings. Add your own content that آپ think is better.

When آپ write a soapbox یا find a great image, it can be really disappointing to get a low rating. Personally, it makes me not want to add content. Why spend so much time adding great content when people are going to rate is so low and...
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Of all of my peeves, this definitely bugs me the most. It's like if you're gonna pick a fight then at least have the decency to keep your original post. Don't call someone names, wait for them to fight back, and then ترمیم your تبصرہ to subtract the insults so آپ can look like آپ didn't do anything wrong. It's just the most cowardly and kind of annoying thing to do. At least when I throw an insult I have the balls to leave it up and the respect to acknowledge that it may have not been the nicest thing to say and be up front about my snarkiness. People like that are why I have to screencap...
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