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 Smiley - Meh (for picks)
Part of my collection of commonly used تصاویر for fanpop picks.
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Amazondebs had the marvelous idea of making Fanpop mad-libs...see the link. This مضمون was last edited on 21 October 2008 to try to explain how the game works a little better...

What is a Mad-lib?
Specifically, Mad Libs is a registered trademark of the پینگوئن, پیںگان Group (USA). Generally, a mad lib is a kind of word game where the player is presented with a questionnaire, prompting for several seemingly random types of words. The player fills in the words, then goes to another location to plug the words into the corresponding places in a block of text, which results in a silly, funny, naughty or...
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This part of my link details how آپ can format text in your postings on Fanpop, and the مضمون was last edited (to fix typographical errors) on 17 July 2013.

Those of آپ who have written soapbox مضامین before may have seen the guide that Fanpop provides for formatting text. But maybe you've never written a soapbox مضمون یا never noticed the key, and have been wondering how some users manage to make their text مزید interesting. With these tags, آپ can:
* boldface your text
* put your text in italics
* underline your text
* have your text point to a different ایل آر یو link

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To like یا not to like? That is the question.

Earlier tonight, the ratings system of Fanpop experienced a massive overhaul. No longer can آپ rate content on a scale of one to five (ala YouTube), but if آپ like content, آپ can "like" it (ala Facebook), یا "be a fan" of it.

Dave gave a very good, logical explanation for the change to help assuage some fears and answer some questions:

"Hi Guys,

Thanks for making this pick. There are a lot of reasons we wanted to create a new system for deciding whether شائقین like something یا not. We found that most people were rating either 4 یا 5 stars so we thought...
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