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 Smiley - Meh (for picks)
Part of my collection of commonly used تصاویر for fanpop picks.
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This is one of these sleepless nights in which I can't sleep but I'm too sleepy to study, so I end up doing something completely pointless instead of trying to sleep, like looking up some nice fanpop usernames that aren't taken yet.
Bold ones are my favorites.

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Rant, Rant, Rant Your Boat...

Lately, the crediting debate has been raging like a teenagers hormones around our little world of Fanpop. Some of us have strong opinions. Others of us don't give a crapsicle about crediting. So, I thought I would have a big long rant about the topic, satisfying my own need to yell my opinions at people while procrastinating starting an incredibly boring یونیورسٹی assignment.

When I Was A Young Warthog...

Yes, that is a Lion King reference. When I first joined Fanpop, I had no idea what an "image credit" meant. Thus, some of my earliest contributions are image credit-less...
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Some of آپ may not no this but if آپ have a mac آپ can only لوڈ اپ five تصاویر at one time onto fanpop.

Most of آپ probably don't care because آپ have a PC یا don't لوڈ اپ تصاویر that much.

It didn't really get on my nerves before, but now I want to لوڈ اپ Heroes screencaps to the Heroes spot which I have a die-hard medal in and I know PC users can لوڈ اپ much مزید than five تصاویر at a time; especially if they have a die hard medal in the spot they want to لوڈ اپ in.

I know آپ can open loads of tabs but then again it is مزید work and annoying.

It's unfair on people who like to contribute anyway, so I hope there is some change in the image uploader for mac users.

P.S. If آپ joke and say I should have a PC یا whatever, then very funny but no.
 I hate those darned internet predators, don't you?
I hate those darned internet predators, don't you?
I just logged onto Fanpop about a half گھنٹہ پہلے and discovered something extremely profane and inappropriate on the YouTube spot. Due to it's heavily pornographic material, the video was deleted shortly thanks to several reports from some handy fellow Fanpoppers.

It was کیا پیش سے طرف کی a user of the name bon8699. I reported this user 3 times and I expect him to be banned for a long, long time.

The reason I am so annoyed that this was کیا پیش is that this is not some pornography site. And this is most certaintly not NewGrounds, where آپ can کرائیں جمع تصاویر like this as much as آپ please without...
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 Learn to love and not hate
Learn to love and not hate
This was originally going to be an مضمون on all sorts of hatred, discrimination and prejudice. But then I had something horrible happen to me online this morning, and I decided that I was going to focus on one, simple, hate.


In my experience, it's absolutely horrible. So in this article, I'm going to discuss why آپ should put a stop to it, and just go through a couple of small anecdotes, expressing to آپ how hateful, horrible and mean it can be.

Anecdote One
Blind Homophobia
When I was a wee sixth grader (okay, it was only two years پہلے but still, I was even shorter than I am...
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Spongebob and Patrick Singing: Who's there for آپ when آپ are sad and down? Idiot Friends! Who picks آپ up and slaps آپ all around? Idiot Friends! Who puts thorns in آپ so آپ can save the town? Idiot Friends, Idiot Friends, Idiot Friends!

Queen Ke$ha writes on note: Sponge and Starfish singing stupid song! #idiots (attaches it to bird and sets it free)
King Blowhole: What are آپ doing?
Ke$ha: I'm tweeting.
Blowhole: Huh.
Sponge and Pat: Duh duh duh duh doo da do duh duh! Idiot Friends! Duh dee da da doo duh duh duh duh! Idiot Friends!
Blowhole: STOP! (Sponge and Pat stop singing) No Pepsi...
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Kidding as usual. Actually, it's Sunday and I have some spare time on my hands so I thought I would write up some points I think need changing with the new layoot and I invite آپ to CONSTRUCTIVELY make your points in the comments. My idea behind this is to have a collection of concerns that we can دکھائیں the F4. This way instead of ranting and going "OMG I HATE DIS!" we can make ourselves heard. I know the F4 are awesome and have listened to us in the past. Remember the دیوار debacle? Remember how they changed the layoot after we pointed it oot? Remember how they brought back the forums?

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