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 Emotion شبیہ
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posted by lightingchaos1
Naruto feel a sleep in the forest in the
land of waves after team7 first
fight zabaza on the half build brige
sasuke sakura kakshi were back in
tazana house having رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا
Naruto کہا before we went into the forest
that he not hungry well that shock the 3
sakura کہا some very mean things to Naruto
in the past but this was just mean
sakura کہا why are آپ on this team
I mean all آپ do is get in the way
dead last loser FREEK monster demon
why don't آپ just DISAPER die not like
you have a mom dad family get lost I hate you
shout sakura as she slapt poor Naruto on his
face pushing him out the back door...
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posted by deathding
 Sponsored سے طرف کی Pepsi!
Sponsored by Pepsi!
Not capitalized for your viewing pleasure! :)

#1. How long have آپ been on Fanpop?

Technically almost six years if you're counting my REALLY old پروفائل that I forgot the ورڈ پاس to that I made in April of 2011, but as far as this account goes, I've been here for almost 5 years, as I made this پروفائل in March of 2012.

Also, that other پروفائل is my only other one. I probably would've kept it had I not forgotten how to sign in with it. XD

#2. Which club are آپ the most active on?

Probably the Random club. I've always been active in general there, writing articles, posting on the دیوار every now...
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posted by HeathrowJackson
Many of us have been bullied at least once. It could be at school, on the internet یا out in many places in the world. Most bullying happens in schools. Its an act in which one person makes another person feel bad about them self یا anything at all. If آپ let the bully taunt آپ your feeding him. Your allowing him یا her to do it more. Some bullying situations are really bad. There have been many cases that people یا students have taken their on lives because there were bullied. I'm trying to stop it. Why don't آپ شامل میں me to stop the bullying. That is my goal. آپ can also call the kids help phone to help آپ with the bullying. There for bullying must be stop please help me to stop it. It hurts me to see it یا hear about it.

I'll stop now.....XD

So I'm pretty sure at this point that we've all noticed the new Wiki feature flyin' around lately.

And a lot of people seem to be mixed towards it, myself included.

It's an interesting idea, and it makes sense if آپ want to post information یا something, but other than some cool new fonts (I've ALWAYS wanted to see the Strikethrough font on Fanpop) and better formatting, it's not really that hype.

Sure, it's a good way to get serious information out there, but other than that, what can the Wiki feature...
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posted by deathding
Why hello there! Do آپ think you're an original human being? Do آپ think آپ have personality? And do آپ honestly think that آپ as a person are even remotely good-hearted?

Probably, actually. Me on the other hand....never mind. o_O

But in all seriousness, this مضمون is all in the name of fun. To understand the vaguely put personalities of the good and the bad all into one مضمون of awesomeness.

THESE......are the stereotypes of Fanpop.


The Strangers

These are the people آپ don't know at all. They make up a good portion of the site, and while most are very friendly, some can be...
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posted by fabgirl12
 Welcome to my Guide!
Welcome to my Guide!
Since they are always new users here, I thought that a guide would help if a guide to Fanpop was created. So, without further a due, here we go!
There are a few ways to get started here on Fanpop!
You can meet friends, شامل میں a club, یا make contributions! All of these are very easy to do, but the best place for new users is to find a club. There is a تلاش bar on the سب, سب سے اوپر of your screen. If آپ can come up with a topic آپ are a پرستار of, تلاش it and if there is a پرستار club for it, آپ will see the link below the تلاش bar. Once آپ get to the club, hit the green button at the...
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Alright, so I love Fanpop just as much as the اگلے guy, but over the years, I've been constantly irritated سے طرف کی these small, yet non-practical things that should probably fixed. If آپ don't agree with me, fine. Just tell me in the تبصرے of this مضمون what آپ don't like. We good? Alright. :)

Nitpick #1: The Fanning System Bug

Alright, so if you're not familiar with this, then just hear me out. There's a glitch on the site that basically happens when آپ have شائقین on something, like an article, then ترمیم whatever it was that had fans.

Seriously, ترمیم ANYTHING with fans, and it goes back to...
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scary facts
سب, سب سے اوپر 10
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Source: Artist: Jean Jullien, but I found this via Google image
posted by Sakkara98
Hello to everyone,
my name is Inès, and I'm French.

As a lot of آپ know, Paris has been attacked yesterday سے طرف کی terrorists. The کنسرٹ hall "Le Bataclan" has been attacked during a concert.

128 dead and مزید than 200 wounded are for now counted. This is a tragedy.

I was born and I've lived in Paris, and I often go there and to the Bataclan to attend concerts, and seeing this, is just awful. The whole country is shocked and desperate.

3 national days of mourning have been declared.

I invite آپ to leave a few words, thoughts for the victims of this disaster.

Thank آپ <3
 They will be remembered...
They will be remembered...
added by ThePrincesTale