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I wrote this about ten years ago. This was written last and I struggled with inspiration. I originally based it on the negative effects caused سے طرف کی the sun resulting in hospitalised sunstroke. That took a horrific direction. Since then I have edited it a little. It's not perfect but it's better than it was. I don't have the energy to rewrite the whole thing. So I'm sorry if it's bad compared to others, which I enjoyed writing. I tried.

Summer Maiden

Dawn awakens

fresh air breezes are blown away

a bright sun emerges

creating a fine summer's day

The divine siren

of the hottest sun

laughs down at everyone

a fiery aura

blazes around her

singing a haunting song

She was مزید beautiful

than the others

quite a sly fox

her anger was legendary

when her دل of سونا was blocked

She had bronze tanned skin

with little سونا spots

she had big silver eyes

chocolate brown hair

a magical sparkle in her eyes

She was a legend

The goddess of summer

A sister of her own season

A siren like mermaid

She had a dreamlike memory

Once she had human blood

Before she was transformed

And left the human world for good

She once was a normal human girl

until something bad happened

had to make a choice

was transformed

and became part of the sisterhood

A goddess of the sun

In the form of Siren Mermaid

Sunbathing in tropical oceans

where enchanted birds fled for the winter

Within the timeline of history

they were chosen

from a century where

their season was celebrated the most

Summer maiden lived in Greece

in the age before Christ

Spring maiden lived in England

in the time of the middle ages

Autumn maiden lived in Oxford

when Shakespeare was still alive

Winter maiden lived in London

in the darkness of the Victorian times

Summer flowers bloom

Colourful and Bright

Diamond blue skies, no بادل in sight

Sun rays stretch, sunbursts glow

If you're not happy, she will know

In her anger you'll feel her ultraviolet sight

In her anger you'll feel her burning light

In her anger you'll feel dizziness and faint

Through her anger she might not realise you're looming fate

She's passionate and angry in the same state

The sunset comes up

at the wrong time

the weather gets cooler

clouds appear in the sky

Summer is over

Autumn must begin

leaves magically turn gold

مزید beautiful than the sun itself

Red leaves slowly fly

through the windy the breeze

the گلابی and crimson red sunset

glows ember

from within

Within the sunset

a form takes shape

a light brown bird's egg

slowly breaks

Glitter ashes swirl into the sky

magically transforms into a Phoenix

it is the Autumn maiden in disguise

The fabulous bird

spreads her magnificent wings

elegantly flies towards

the summer maiden

The summer maiden swims around

and sings to confuse her attacker

the phoenix sings back

and begins to drain summers power

The phoenix's eyes glow gold

successfully absorbing the power

the magic becomes her own

then attacks Summer maiden head on

سے طرف کی using the powerful magic against her

Summer transforms into a ball of fire

the phoenix summons a jar

and traps the aura of the summer maiden

Rain clouds form in the sky

water drops into the jar

knowing she's defeated

summer finally dies

The aura vanishes

the jar shatters in the air

glass pieces fall to the ground

thousands of mirrors

reflect in the sun

the phoenix turns into flames

A new being is formed

standing before the mirrors

The Autumn maiden smiles

proud of the fight

she had won.
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