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posted by MiamPayford
I want آپ to be honest with yourself, have آپ ever felt alone? If so, آپ are not alone. People go through things everyday, maybe they are going through the same thing as you. There is always someone to talk to. Whether it is your mom, your dad, another family member, someone who is close to آپ that آپ trust, a friend یا a close friend, یا even a councilor at school. There is ALWAYS someone to talk to. How do آپ escape the feeling emptiness? Is it writing a poem, writing a letter, writing a song, talking to someone, یا do آپ do something else to calm آپ down? Whatever it is, do it! Never turn to suicide, because people around آپ will get hurt, and death is NEVER the answer. Talk to me if آپ want someone to talk to. آپ can also follow me on Wattpad, @im_his_forever and talk to me to.
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