Fight Club Have آپ been looking for the Black Mesh Hustler Shirt, Tyler's Print Shirt, یا Red Leather جیکٹ Tyler Wears? It's on Ebay now!

djnickfizzle posted on Oct 09, 2008 at 12:50AM

Well, I just stumbled up on this forum of fellow fight-club fans and I am truly glad to be part of this group - I just put up a Tyler Durden HUSTLER Shirt on Ebay (just like the one he wears in the movie!) ... my Hustler Shirt and Red Jacket and the 'dirtbikes' looking shirt up on Ebay...get it if you can!


I'm only selling these because I need money really soon for something that I have to take care of, I had to post the auction! I put a 1500 'buy it now' up there - Some might think that's a little steep I know. With how rare these are & impossible to come by these are, I know that they're more than worth it, especially looking how the ops have run! BUT - I didn't want to only put it up 'buy it now' - I want everyone that wants this to have a chance to bid on it without setting the bar so I started the bidding off at 72.99 - but just remember that if you feel like you can't live with out these things and have been waiting forever to find them, then at least you are guaranteed to have them all with the 'buy it now' option! Good luck and have fun!

Nick : )

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