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اگلے morning, Rune walks down the
road to the market. After buying some
groceries she walks back home. Soon
after, she was working in the kitchen
when she hears a knock on the door.
“Coming!” she calls out. Then she
walks down the drawing room and
opens the door just enough to peep
There she sees a tall handsome man
standing and smirking at her. He has
dusky complexion, beautiful green
eyes and short silky black hair. His
features were similar to Zack’s, at
least that’s what Rune could conclude
from Zack’s تصویر that stood on the
میز, جدول in Cloud’s room.
“Yes?” Rune asks him smiling.
“I’m here to meet بادل Strife.” The
man smirked.
“He isn’t ہوم yet. And آپ are?...”
asked Rune.
“One of his CLOSEST friends.” He
replied with a smirk again.
“Oh! Come in please!” Rune کہا with
a welcoming smile completely
oblivious to the wicked glint in those
green eyes.
The man walked in and sat on the
sofa. Rune closed the door but kept it
unlocked and walked up to the so
called friend of Cloud’s.
“What would آپ prefer? چائے or
coffee?” she asked sweetly.
The man gently took her hand and
placed a soft kiss, making Rune
“Before anything else, may I have the
privilege of knowing the name of a
pretty lady like you?” the man asked
Rune blushed at the sudden onslaught
of flattery from such a handsome
young man. “It’s Rune.” She replied.
The man looked around and sensing
no one's presence he pulled her onto
his lap and wrapped his arms around
her with a prominent wicked smirk.
“That’s a nice name.” he whispered
into her ear.
“Wh…what are آپ doing?!” Rune
shrieked. She got scared.
The man caught the back of her head
and pulled her into a rough kiss.
Rune froze out of shock. Then she
struggled in his arms as she gained
composure. But he was too strong for
her. She moaned loudly at which the
man broke the kiss.
“W…who are you?...Why…are you…
doing this?...” Rune moaned.
“You are a stubborn one.” The man
Rune cried for help “Cloud!”
“Huh! Looks like I’ve got Strife’s girl
ha!” he smirked.
Then he pushed her and pinned her
down onto the sofa leaning over her.
He pressed himself over her and
buried his face in her hair at the crook
of her neck as Rune shrieked louder.
“CLOUD!” She cried again.
“You shouldn’t call out another man’s
name when you’re in the arms of
one.” The man whispered huskily into
her ear before licking over her ear
lobe making Rune shiver.
“It’s Cyan. Not Cloud.” He whispered
seductively before placing his lips on
hers into a rough kiss again.
At the sound of fenrir, Cyan broke the
kiss. “Darn it. He’s here.” He
“Cloud!” Rune shrieked again.
Cyan throttled her neck as Rune
screamed due to the pain of the
wound at her کالر bone.
“Help me!” she screamed again only
to be pulled into another harsh kiss.
This time Cyan roughly bit her lower
lip making Rune scream and shiver
مزید as blood oozed out and trickled
down her chin. The door flung open
and بادل entered, but stood frozen
at the door for a few seconds
shocked at that sight. Cyan lifted his
face and smirked at him.
Cloud’s expression turned to rage as
he realized the condition of the
bleeding throttled girl in the stronger
man’s arms.
“Look! I’ve got your girl here.” Cyan
“Cyan. Let. Her. Go.” بادل growled
Cyan smirked again before leaning
down and licking off some blood from
Rune's lips.
“CYAN!” بادل screamed and was
about to attack him when Cyan pulled
up Rune and threw her at بادل like a
pillow. بادل caught her gently as she
dropped helpless into his arms. Cyan
jumped up at the window and out of it
with the plastered smirk.
YOU!” بادل growled.
Then he gently held up Rune in his
arms and took her to the sofa. She
was terribly shivering. Her eyes were
squeezed shut as blood and tears
wetted her face and neck. The wound
on her کالر bone was bleeding fresh
again. She clutched onto Cloud’s
جیکٹ and kept wincing and moaning
in pain. بادل looked at her pitifully.
Rune gathered herself into his arms
and held on to him as if she wanted
to hide inside his chest.
“I’m sorry.” بادل whispered as he
gently wrapped his arms around her
and held her tight and warm to
provide her the security and comfort
that she was longing for.
Rune was working in the kitchen. The
bandage on her neck was newly done
and there was a fresh red scar on her
lower lip which was swollen, her
hands were still shaking. She looked
pale. بادل was standing near her,
helping her to lay down plates on the
table. Suddenly she stopped and
stood still near the gas stove
supporting herself on the kitchen
counter. بادل looked at her
watchfully and walked up to her.
“Are آپ alright?” he asked.
Rune nodded. “Y…yeah…I…I’m
Her hands were shaking. Cloud
noticed. He then took her hands into
his and held them tight. Rune sighed,
trembling slightly.
“Don’t worry. It’s gonna be fine.” He
spoke softly.
“Thank you.” Rune whispered in a
shaky voice.
The doorbell rang. Rune froze at the
sound of it.
“Don’t worry Rune. It must be Yuffie
and the kids.” کہا Cloud.
He released her hand and turned to
go when Rune grabbed hold of his
arm in fear.
“NO CLOUD!” she shrieked. Cloud
looked at her lovingly.
“Don’t worry Rune. I’m here. Trust
me.” He spoke softly.
Rune nodded and let him go. Cloud
walked to the door and opened it as
Rune peeped out from the kitchen
and watched. It was Yuffie with
Marlene and Denzel. They jumped into
Cloud’s arms as he smiled. Rune
sighed relief and went back to her
“Hey Cloud! Welcome back!” Yuffie
chirped in excitement.
“Thanks.” بادل smiled.
“Where’s Rune?” asked Marlene.
“She’s in the kitchen.” Replied Cloud.
“I guessed so. She’s been working
really hard to make some good dinner
for you.” Yuffie smiled at Cloud.
بادل sighed. “Yeah. But she’s not
doing well. She was in big trouble
“WHAT?!” Yuffie asked surprised.
It was past midnight. Rune was still
lying down awake in a crouched
position on her bed. She was sweating
and shivering terribly. Then as she
managed to gain composure, she got
down from the بستر and walked down
to the drawing room, wrapping her
arms around each other. As she
walked in, she was surprised to see
بادل standing at the window. He
turned back and looked at her.
“Cloud!...what are آپ doing here?”
asked Rune surprised.
“Rune, you’re awake so late at
night?” asked Cloud.
Rune sighed. بادل walked up to her.
Rune slightly shivered.
“You ok?...” بادل asked softly. “Is it
paining again?”
He placed his hands on her shoulders
to comfort her. Rune gathered herself
in his arms and rested her head on his
chest. بادل gently pulled the
trembling Rune into a warm embrace.
“I can’t sleep… I…I’m sorry….” Rune
broke into tears. بادل held her tighter
in his arms.
“It’s ok. Don’t worry.” He whispered
before gently guiding her to the couch.
They sat there, Rune still resting in
Cloud’s arms as he comforted her
“Why… did he… do like that?”
stuttered Rune in a trembling voice.
“I’ll protect you. He won’t be able to
harm آپ again.” بادل assured her.
Rune stiffened and hid her face in his
chest wincing and moaning softly.
“Hey now…” بادل whispered.
بادل shifted back slightly and lifted
up her face سے طرف کی placing his index
finger under her chin. Rune looked at
him with tear filled eyes. The wound
on her lip was shone دکھانا fresh
signs of bleeding.
“You need to take rest. You’ve got
high fever.” بادل کہا softly.
“I’m… so scared…” she stuttered in a
strained tone. “Please, help me forget
it… please…save me…”she yearned.
بادل gently wiped off the blood from
her lips. Then he pulled her closer and
softly placed his lips on hers in a
chaste kiss. Rune’s eyes drooped
close as slowly sleep embraced her.
بادل broke the kiss only to find her
asleep. He smiled at her lovingly and
let her head rest on his chest. With
the essence of deep دل felt love, he
held her in warm in his arms, close to
his heart. be continued........
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