Manuel Sanchez was born in Cordoba, Spain grew up in the United States and returned to Spain where he resides presently.. He began drawing and oil painting at a very young age and has been an artist ever since. Over the past 40 years, when Manuel wasn’t painting in his spare time, he was traveling the world as a professional flamenco dancer. In fact, it was through his international dance contracts that he became a professional painter because it gave him the opportunity to sell his artwork wherever he went. While he has recently retired as a dancer, he recalls how he enjoyed every منٹ of his experiences and is the type of person that loves to live life with passion, love and improvisation. Presently, Sanchez continues to express his love for art on canvas سے طرف کی mostly painting wild animals, portraits and of course Spanish themes like Flamenco, bullfighting and the wild Spanish bull. Manuel admits he is a hard worker and will not sign a painting until his دل and soul tells him its finished. Like his dancing, his paintings are filled with love, fire, passion, and feeling.
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