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Guide by Vampsessed posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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First Meeting, "Pilot": Rachel the loner and Finn the مقبول quarterback become unlikely دوستوں through دکھائیں choir.

First Kiss, "Showmance": Finn and Rachel kiss for the first time after a private rehearsal in the auditorium, which is abruptly ended سے طرف کی Finn's, um, premature problem.

Going Steady, "Journey": Finn tells Rachel he loves her before they perform Journey's "Faithfully" at Reginoals, and they end the episode as a real couple.


Break Up, "Special Education": Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana, so she plans to sleep with Puck as revenge. She doesn't go through with it, but Rachel tells Finn what almost happened. He is heartbroken, and breaks up with her.

Back Together, "New York": While performing at Nationals, Finn and Rachel kiss onstage after singing an original song called "Pretending." They lose at Nationals, but at the end of the episode Finn and Rachel decide to give their relationship another shot.
Fan fiction by DracoLuvsAstrid posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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"I swear,Noah! I''ll be okay!",the small brunette insisted. The mohawked teen sighed and finally nodded. He put his hand on her shoulder and guided her towards his truck that was outside.
She waved good-bye to her mother and other baby sister,then left with her brother whom to be was the boy with the mohawk.
"Rachel..." The petite female looked at the guy in the driver's نشست and smiled.
"If any boy touches you-",he was interrupted سے طرف کی Rachel herself. "Noah...or Puck,it is not your place to keep me from other people. I''ll be just fine!"
They arrived shortly later to a small high school. Puck,being the good brother he is,opened Rachel's door for her. She nodded her head gratefully and gazed at her new school.
"Well Rach,welcome to McKinley High!" Rachel beamed and ran into it. Inside,it was overcrowded with students. Some guys whistled as she walked by,but immediately stopped when they caught Puck's eye.
"I''ll catch up with آپ later. Damned coach wants me at practice early. See ya." She watched him walk off before she entered her first class which was Spanish with Mr.Shuester.
Opinion by Costa posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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They started like a lot of teen couples on TV shows do: he is cute and popular, she is far from being on the سب, سب سے اوپر of the food chain; plus, he is dating the head cheerleader who is much prettier than our young ingénue. That and some cute duets and great chemistry, created a پرستار base that would sit every week waiting for them to finally get together. I can understand that, they were downright adorable.
So season 2 came, and all the couple’s شائقین were probably wondering how this epic romance would play out, especially considering the characters contrasting personalities.
Personally, I think the outcome was a big disappointment.
While Finn seemed essentially the same, Rachel got double crazy. There were no مزید glimpses of the girl who gave her solo to Mercedes (S01E12), told the glee club “I realized being a سٹار, ستارہ didn’t make me feel as special as being your friend” (S01E05), encouraged Quinn to go back to glee (S01E06) یا had self-centered but funny tirades, like “I need applause to live”.
Fan fiction by tinkerbell_cate posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Hi guys! my name's cate and I'm a big finchel fan, they are so gorgeous together. I love writing and I'm in a finchel mood so I thought I'd write a fanfic for آپ all! hope آپ like it! xxx

Okay, so we've heard from Lea Michele that there'll be some finchel scenes in the valentine's دن episode, and this is my fanfic-enjoy.

Rachel brushed her hair out of her face and bit her lip. Valentine's day. She had a feeling that she'd be spending the whole دن avoiding anything that reminded her of Finn-which was almost impossible on the most romantic دن of the year. It felt like someone had ripped a hole in her chest and Finn's words came back to torment her: "you messed me up, Rachel". She felt guilt and pain swirl in her. She missed Finn مزید than her brain could comprehend, and she knew he needed time, but she was hopeful he would realise how much she loved him and forgive her.But he needed space. Easier کہا than done when every سیکنڈ without him felt like a year. She took a deep breathe, reminding herself that she could do this.
Opinion by nemdoglover posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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1.    Finn is the hot male lead and Rachel is the stunning female ingénue that everyone roots for (according to Rachel)

2. They sing beautifully together

3. They make the cutest couple

4. Rachel loves Finn for who he is

5. Ratings will hit the roof!

6. Their social statuses are different, so they like each other for who they are, not what the school thinks of them

7. Look at Finn's face during the girls Mash-up, he was definitely looking at Rachel

8. Their voices blend and harmonize well together

9.They sing "no air" as well as if not better than Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown

10. Finn tells Quinn he wishes she was مزید like Rachel

11. Finn knows that Rachel really cares about him, she sticks up for him and she doesn’t hurt his feelings

12. Even when Rachel is with other people she still thinks of Finn (i.e. when she making out with Puck she thinking of Finn)
List by Annaoth posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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1. Because he's the one that she wants.
2. Because they both are very talented.
3. Because the rest of the team expects them to become an item.
4. Because she made him go back to Glee.
5. Because he is the only male lead that can keep up with her.
6. Because she is just a small town girl, and he is just a city boy.
7. Because she lied to Quinn for him.
8. Because they are Glee's version of Tony and Maria.
9. Because we think they are worth the 4 ماہ wait.
10. Because their height difference is the hottest thing.
11. Because his دل beats hard for her.
12. Because even though he thinks she's insane, he also thinks that she's cool.
13. Because they make awesome posters together.
14. Because he lets her talk and he listens to what she says.
15. Because she doesn't think he notices her.
16. Because he has feelings for her and he's too scared to admit it.
17. Because we know he wasn't just putting on a show.