1.    Finn is the hot male lead and Rachel is the stunning female ingénue that everyone roots for (according to Rachel)

2. They sing beautifully together

3. They make the cutest couple

4. Rachel loves Finn for who he is

5. Ratings will hit the roof!

6. Their social statuses are different, so they like each other for who they are, not what the school thinks of them

7. Look at Finn's face during the girls Mash-up, he was definitely looking at Rachel

8. Their voices blend and harmonize well together

9.They sing "no air" as well as if not better than Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown

10. Finn tells Quinn he wishes she was مزید like Rachel

11. Finn knows that Rachel really cares about him, she sticks up for him and she doesn’t hurt his feelings

12. Even when Rachel is with other people she still thinks of Finn (i.e. when she making out with Puck she thinking of Finn)

13. Even though no one seems to like her Finn still does

14. During the Diva-Off Finn was rooting for Rachel

15. Because of all the guys Rachel's been attracted to Finn's the only one who's reciprocated those feelings ( Will- no way, Puck- only liked the physical connection, Jesse- only did it for Shelby and VA)

16. When Rachel corrects Finn (i.e. the location of his heart) she does it gently motivated سے طرف کی love. she never ridicules, calls him names nags یا yells at him like Quinn did. Whenever Quinn talked to him it was usually in a mean hurtful manner and آپ could see how it hurt and frustrated him.

17. Finn liked the real natural Rachel before Kurt's makeover

18. After he quit glee they came back for sectionals he completely ignored Puck and Quinn and went straight to Rachel

19. They manage to connect with each other in every son they sang with is essential for a duet

20. Quinn and Finn are no longer dating and Finn fells he can only trust Rachel

21. They've kissed 3 times!

22. The amazing chemistry they share

23. The cute hand holding at the end of "My Life would suck without you"

24. They're obviously very attracted to each other (everyone notices especially Quinn)

25. Because when they are finally together Rachel will let him name their baby Drizzle

26. Finn never noticed how nice Rachel's butt is before "Ballad" so that shows that he is a gentleman for not staring

27. He is no longer going out with Quinn and has retracted from everyone in Glee club besides Rachel

28. The way he looks at Rachel when Mercedes is singing "and i am telling you" He looks at Rachel alot during that scene.

29. Rachel believes in Finn and Finn believes in Rachel

30. When Puck sings "Sweet Caroline" to Rachel, Finn kept looking at her and was obviously really upset and jealous. Will shoved him as in to say "step it up"

31. They are too confused to say their feelings but آپ can see the signs

32. They are very cute together

33. Rachel can help Finn get over his insecurities

34. the "eye talk"

35. He likes the way she dresses

36. She told him the truth about Quinn's baby "for selfish reasons" (which is code for "i want you")

37. He was the only person to tell her she was wrong

38. Puck and Rachel were a "fantasy" but Finn and Rachel its "real"

39. Finn says he won’t give up on her

40. Finn couldn't keep his eyes off of Rachel during "Hello, Goodbye"

41. Because Finn sang "Jesses girl" when he found out that she was dating him

42. Because they'd make beautiful brown eyed talented babies in the future

43. Finn wore the same sweater when they made out and when they went on their bowling date

44. We all know that after he had sex with Santana he کہا it wasn’t the right person he was talking about Rachel

45. He also wore the same sweater that he wore when they made out and on their bowling تاریخ when he told Rachel he likes her in "wheels" and during "Borderline/ Open your heart"

46. He forgave her for the “Run Joey Run" debacle

47. Jesse will never be "as into her" as Finn is

48. He went to the doctor with her

49. He told his دوستوں all about her

50. Finn and Rachel know each other’s real self because they've always been دوستوں since the beginning

51. Rachel knows Finn so well it’s like she in his head

52. Rachel has been a constant in Finns life through all the drama

53. They love each other

54. They need each other

55. They understand each other

56. They make a beautiful couple

57. They belong together!

58. When Finn found out about Rachel and Jesse he tried to protect her سے طرف کی telling Mr. Shuester

59. When Finn needs Rachel she always there and vice-versa

60. When she was with Puck it was مزید on the physical side wheras when she with Finn it’s for love

61. They would do anything for each other

62. Quinn was nasty to Finn and Rachel very sweet and loving with him.

63. Teen versions of Wemma

64. Profess their love to each other in Duets

65. Finn wants to beat up Jesse for egging Rachel

66. Rachel was laughing and smiling a lot when Finn was singing good vibrations

67. In the Run Joey Run video Rachel "died" in his arms

68. Finn told her he loved her at Regionals

69. They are together now! <3
    They sing. Enough said.
    She gets great grades and is the victim of the football jocks. Finn is a football jock who can barely stay awake in Spanish class (but is actually one of the "nice" jocks. This sounds like true love.)
    He says she's the most talented person he knows, and she thinks he's "really, really talented."
    Cause of the looks
    The way Finn was glaring at Puck when he was singing Sweet Caroline for Rachel. Obviously, Finn likes Rachel :)
    Their awkward but AMAZINGLY ADORABLE chemistry because they know they have feelings for each other and Finn is/was dating Quinn.
    Finn gets jealous when she dates other guys (Puck, Jesse) and Rachel is/was jealous of Quinn.
    They are the younger Will/Emma
    He felt it in his دل when he first heard her sing.
    They were adorable when they got competitive with each other in Vitamin D.
    Rachel helped him get a job to support Quinn despite her own feelings for him.     They are exactly the same yet total opposites.
    Finn is not going to give up easily.
    If Lea and Cory aren't together in real life, they can be together as Finn and Rachel.
    They have the "You Belong With Me" vibe
    It started epic, and it will end epic
    because they love , need and understand each other.
    They have always loved each other ever since Rachel met Finn she had feelings for him and Finn has always admired Rachel
    They don't need to kiss in order to دکھائیں how they feel, it's in their chemistry and in their eyes and in their actions towards each other; although a kiss is always accepted between them because they only kissed in two episodes ("Showmance" and "The Rhodes Not Taken").
    Finn could sing "Shape of My Heart" سے طرف کی The Backstreet Boys because it reflects on how he hurt Rachel and he was trying to be someone else and kept her in the dark. I would just love to see them sing a Backstreet Boys song and this one would be good to see Finn sing to Rachel.
    Finn is willing to defend Rachel's honor, i.e. wanting to beat up Jesse for egging Rachel.
    Because they're relationship shows that آپ can't give up.
    Because Finn said, and I quote, " I Love You.", to Rachel during Regionalshr
    Because before they deleted it, the I دل Fichel فہرست had مزید than 70 opinions and the one that didn't liked it just had 29!
    Because they love each other
    they need each other
    they help each other
    When they kiss FIRE!