Hi guys! my name's cate and I'm a big finchel fan, they are so gorgeous together. I love writing and I'm in a finchel mood so I thought I'd write a fanfic for آپ all! hope آپ like it! xxx

Okay, so we've heard from Lea Michele that there'll be some finchel scenes in the valentine's دن episode, and this is my fanfic-enjoy.

Rachel brushed her hair out of her face and bit her lip. Valentine's day. She had a feeling that she'd be spending the whole دن avoiding anything that reminded her of Finn-which was almost impossible on the most romantic دن of the year. It felt like someone had ripped a hole in her chest and Finn's words came back to torment her: "you messed me up, Rachel". She felt guilt and pain swirl in her. She missed Finn مزید than her brain could comprehend, and she knew he needed time, but she was hopeful he would realise how much she loved him and forgive her.But he needed space. Easier کہا than done when every سیکنڈ without him felt like a year. She took a deep breathe, reminding herself that she could do this.

سے طرف کی the end of the day, she was close to tears. She had started off the morning with a slushie in the face and things had steadily grown worse from there. Last hurdle of the day: seeing Finn at Glee club. She opened the door to see everyone already sitting down on the benches in the audotorium. She quickly took a نشست اگلے to Mercedes, avoiding eye contact with anyone. "Okay, guys. Since in Valentine's day, I want آپ all to sing a love songs that speaks to you. Go ہوم and when آپ find a message in a love song that speaks to you, start practicing" Mr Shu کہا with a warm smile. Rachel supressed a grimance, the only songs that "spoke to her" latley were songs about broken hearts. "I think the most important thing that آپ should get from valentine's دن is to spend it with someone آپ love, whether it be your girlfriend یا boyfriend, your family یا your friends. And in that spirit, آپ all have this afternoon off, I'll hear your performances اگلے week.Glee club dismissed. Go spend time with someone آپ care about". The rest of the club started filing out of the audotorium, talking excitedly about how they were going to spend valentine's day. With a sigh, she got up and began to follow the others when a voice called to her. "Rachel". Her دل burst into a sprint everytime she heard his voice. A mixture of , love,longing and guilt swirled in her chest as she turned to see Finn facing her holding a small present. "I, uh, I got this for آپ ages ago, and I thought آپ should have it. After all, I did buy it for you". He کہا with a small smile. She'd always loved his gorgeous smile...."Finn, I can't-" she protested, not wanting him to give her a gift. She didn't deserve it. "I want آپ to have it. Please?" he asked softly, looking her in the eyes. Damn it. She couldn't say no when he gave her that look! "Thank you" she said, taking the small box. After opening it, her dark eyes were met with the most beautiful سونا locket she had ever seen. It was in the shape of a loveheart and had intricatley woven پھول patterns on it. "It's...it's beautiful" she whispered, not knowing what to say. It was perfect. "Look on the back". Turning the locket over in her hand, she saw that Finn had had one work engraved on the back. "Always". Before she knew what had happened, she felt tears streaming down her face and Finn gently wiped them off with a finger. "Happy valentine's day, Rachel" he whispered in her ear, pulling her close only for a second, then turning and walking out of the auditorium. Rachel was left stareing at the door Finn had just walked through, holding the locket in her hand. Wiping her eyes, she put the locket around her neck and did up the clasp. "Happy valentine's دن ,Finn" she کہا softly.