They started like a lot of teen couples on TV shows do: he is cute and popular, she is far from being on the سب, سب سے اوپر of the food chain; plus, he is dating the head cheerleader who is much prettier than our young ingénue. That and some cute duets and great chemistry, created a پرستار base that would sit every week waiting for them to finally get together. I can understand that, they were downright adorable.
So season 2 came, and all the couple’s شائقین were probably wondering how this epic romance would play out, especially considering the characters contrasting personalities.
Personally, I think the outcome was a big disappointment.
While Finn seemed essentially the same, Rachel got double crazy. There were no مزید glimpses of the girl who gave her solo to Mercedes (S01E12), told the glee club “I realized being a سٹار, ستارہ didn’t make me feel as special as being your friend” (S01E05), encouraged Quinn to go back to glee (S01E06) یا had self-centered but funny tirades, like “I need applause to live”.
She was basically out of character.
The reason for their break up was particularly bizarre, considering Rachel’s big revenge on the گزشتہ season was singing an angry song.
But they were broken up, and when Rachel pulled down her relationship calendar, it made me wonder why it didn’t happened sooner; after all,     she was acting like a jealous housewife on speed. And Finn wasn’t shy on saying everything he didn’t like about her, from her height to her verbosity (S02E04), clothes (S02E02), controlling ways (S02E01)… But he kept saying he loved her and the cheating left him دل broken…
So he was poor Finn until deciding he was interested on the girl who cheated on him with his best friend and lied about it blatantly. But that’s fine, that is obviously completely forgivable, duh…. If Finn had suddenly fallen in love with Mercedes it would be easier to understand.
He encourages Quinn to cheat on her current boyfriend because “that’s the thing about cheating, when آپ really love someone آپ do anything to keep them safe”. A weird choice of words for a guy who cheated on the very person he is saying that to (see S01E02).
Finn becomes extremely obnoxious (at least Rachel gets back to her old, funny annoying self), continues to alternate between nice and rude to Rachel (see S02E14) but she simply doesn’t give up on him.
I can only attribute that persistency to low self-esteem issues.
Now we are back to the same مثلث from season 1. How exiting. Which means that soon Finn will be very confused about his feelings… And eventually he’ll realize his devoted love for Rachel. They’ll get back together on the last episode of season 2 and break up again on season 3.
What can I say? This storyline is better fitted for soaps (at least in a soap opera it'd be over faster...). The whole thing is a walking calamity set out to keep rolling until the دکھائیں ends. Epic failure indeed.