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posted by tyranitarfan
FIR is a fictional story that revolves around a police station called Imaan Chowki. The story revolves around five police officers. They get a new case everyday to solve. Most of them are anything but police cases but now a days they get real police cases and the way they solve the cases is unique and hilarious and I am a پرستار of their method and their style.

The central character in the دکھائیں is Sub Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala. She never fails in solving a case. She is very brave, beautiful, talented and extra ordinarily strong. She also has a good height. Her role is played سے طرف کی Kavita Kaushik....
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posted by tyranitarfan
The things that I learned from FIR are as follows.
1) آپ can رپورٹ a complaint in a police station just because your neighbor enters your house and does things according to his wish.
2) آپ can work in the police even if آپ are above hundred ears old.
3) آپ cannot live without a tight slap on your cheeks.
4) آپ can take out your neighbor's یا friend's wooden door and burn Holika with it any time of the سال without your friend's permission.
5) آپ can study in a college even if آپ are above forty.
6) آپ can say anything to your boss and he will cower behind you.
7) Different characters have...
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