Little Mike
It was a night like all the others. The animatronics were planning on how to kill the guards. They had tried everything, but nothing worked. Tonight was Mike’s night and the animatronics hated him. Mike was very impatient and very aggressiv. He would hit them, throw them and a lot more. So the plan with like this: First Marionette would go first, then the toys and BB and then the old ones. Marionette was almost at the office where Mike was in. He looked into the room and became very surprised. Mike was not there and that was weird, cuz they had seen him enter the building an گھنٹہ ago. Confused Marionette shouted: Is anyone here? To his surprise a young voice said: Me! I am! Marionette went behind the ڈیسک and saw a young boy in the chair where the guards usually sit in. Marionette asked the child: Hello little guy. I am The Marionette and who might آپ be? The young boy reply: Nice to meet آپ Mr. Marionette. My name is Mike Schmidt. The answer surprised Marionette. Cuz Mike Schmidt was the name of the guard! How could this child have the same name as the guard. Curious Marionette asked the child: Well Mike, what are آپ doing here? Mike reply: I don’t know. But i have this feeling that i need to watch the cams, why i don’t know. That make it clear to Marionette. This little boy was their guard Mike, but a younger version of him. Wait here Mike, i will be right back کہا Marionette. Okay کہا Mike. Marionette ran down the hallway and found the others. Why are آپ back so fast? asked Felix (Toy Freddy) To that, Marionette reply: We have a BIG problem. Mike is still here but not in his usual form. What do آپ mean? asked Chici (Toy Chica) and Marionette reply: He has turn into a child. Everyone was shocked to hear that. They went with Marionette to the office. I’m back Mike. کہا Marionette. Short after came Mike’s voice: Welcome back Mr. Marionette. Mike came down from the chair and walked towards Marionette and the others. The old animatronics yelled: MIKEY????!!!!!! Mike looked at them and shouted: FREDDY! BONNIE! CHICA! CAPTAIN FOXY! Mike ran towards the old animatronics and hugged them. I missed آپ guys کہا Mike. We missed آپ too Mikey کہا Chica. آپ guys know each other? Asked BonBon (Toy Bonnie) Freddy reply: Mikey was an old friend of ours. He used to come and visit us back in 1985 until 1987. Mike was very confused with what they were saying, but he didn’t say anything cuz it was adult talk. Instead he looked at BB (Balloon Boy) Mike went over to him and said: Hi. Im Mike. what’s your name? BB looked at him and reply: I’m BB, but just call me Billy. Mike and Billy began to talk about everything from games to پسندیدہ animatronic. My پسندیدہ is Toy Freddy یا Felix ask we named him کہا Billy. Mike took a look at the new Freddy. Mike found him creepy. I like Captain Foxy مزید کہا Mike. Then a گھنٹی, بیل began to ring and it had turned 6 am. It’s time for us to go, but we will tell the workers here about this کہا Marionette. Mike کہا goodbye to everyone and they went out of the office.They went and found Jeremy, Phone Guy and the Boss. We have something very important to tell you. کہا Marionette. What? کہا Boss. Mike has turn into a child and he is in the office. As soon as the humans heard that, they rush to the office to find the young Mike on the chair as he sat in before. Mike saw them and said: Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Mike. The three humans looked at him. He was indeed a younger Mike. Finally Jeremy said: Hello Mike. Im Jeremy. It’s nice to meet آپ too. Jeremy turned around and pointed at Phone Guy This is Phone Guy یا PG as we call him and the one اگلے to him is Boss. Boss is the one who owns this place. PG and Boss moved اگلے to Jeremy. Mike was looking at them with a big smile on his face.