Flowers Which birth ماہ پھول do آپ like the most یا have?

Pick one:
January - Carnation (purity, luck, love)
January - Snowdrop (hope)
February - Iris (wisdom, faith, valor)
March - Daffodil (happiness, new beginnings)
April - گلبہار, گل داؤدی (innocence, purity)
May - Lily of the Valley (humility, sweetness, purity)
June - Rose (love یا deep emotion)
June - Honeysuckle (happiness)
July - Larkspur (open دل یا carefree)
July - Water Lily (rebirth, purity of the دل and soul)
August - پوست (remembrance, peace)
August - Gladiolus (moral integrity, strength)
September - Morning Glory (love, affection, mortality)
September - سے aster, آئسٹر (love, wisdom, patience)
October - میریگولڈ, دونا (charm, elegance, devotion)
October - Calendula (protection, transformation)
November - کرسنتیمم, گل داؤدی (happiness, friendship, joy, compassion)
November - Peony (prosperity, compassion)
December - Poinsettia (good cheer, success)
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