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I never thought I would wind up here. In the dens of the strong, amazing wolves. From what I have seen, the wolves have killed millions of humans, from them abusing their species. Somehow, they can tell what side your on. If your helping them survive, یا killing them. Wolves saved me, from the humans. I found out that my whole life was a lie. Humans were not my parents, Winston from the movie alpha and omega was. The wolves that helped me, caught food for me. Found drinkable water for me. Made fires. Every دن I will look at the stars and I know they are out there. When they کہا their goodbyes, a long time, after that day, I look back to see if there there, but the truth is, once they کہا goodbye, they left with the wind, and they were gone.
I was having a great morning so far. Life is great in Sacromento, California. It is always sunny, and warm. I live in the city in an appartment that is really tall. There is a forest that is really big there also. I love wildlife. My dream is to go to that forest and explore many things. I have adopted parents. I keep asking who my real parents are, but they wont tell me. So i have to find out myself. I have an unusual name. My name is Silver Alpha. Wierd right? Anyway, today was a busy da for me. I am going down to the ساحل سمندر, بیچ with my friends, going over to the arcade. A lot of stuff to do today....
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The بھیڑیا looked up at me and wagged its tail. Then it tried to get up. It did. It jumped off the بستر and walked to the kitchen. It was whining. I knew it had to be hungry. I opened my refrigorator and got some left over steak. I filled a bowl of water for the بھیڑیا too. It ate the سٹیک and drank the water instantly. It looked at me and wagged its tail.

''*sigh* i wish آپ could talk..''I said. I turned around and looked out my باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ window.

''well only certain people can hear me talk'' someone said. I was shocked. Was that the wolf?

''testing. 1,2,3 testing.''It said. I turned around and looked at it.

''can آپ hear me?'' It asked. I nodded.

''are آپ sure?'' It said. I shook my head

''SPEAK!'' It shouted. I fainted. I couldnt believe a بھیڑیا spoke to me. I woke up and he was sitting there, waching me.

''you ok?'' It said.

''yeah, im fine.''

to be continued...(srry its short)

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My پسندیدہ song from سے طرف کی پسندیدہ band