Divas in Hedonism Boxart
Dressed in a red bikini, Debra spoke about life in the WWF as she enjoyed the sun and sand of a Jamaican resort to take part in the latest sexy تصویر shoot for a brand new WWF Diva Magazine special. Words taken from 2001 WWF release, Divas In Hedonism.

"The experience I've had in modelling swimsuits really have not been a lot. My stuff has been مزید like spokesperson kind of stuff."

"I am a very warm outgoing person and I think these people remind me a lot of southerners from where I was born and raised and it amazes me that all these people, they seem to always be in a good mood. It’s actually been very relaxing, I've had a blast"

"Myself, Chyna and Lita... has this really big thing happening and that would be the Diva shoot for the cover of our brand new Diva magazine"

"Growing up I was a cheerleader and I ran track and I think it sort of shows it’s like the most fulfilling thing to have someone compliment you. The kind of clothing that I’ve been wearing on the Diva shoot has been pretty much true to my Debra character. Sexy but classy, آپ know a lot of things to دکھائیں my legs. I do a lot of like long jackets with... a lot of lingerie. It’s very true to my real side of me.”

“I think I can act funny. I’m really terrible at telling jokes but somehow I can just do some pretty goofy things. As a kid I was this really skinny little girl, I would always act goofy to get attention and... I was always a little ham.”

“When I started acting probably like about six years ago, I was terrible! But I really had to overcome and work at it and when I lived in New York, I lived there for like two years and attended Lee Strasbourg and I would go there during the دن and then at night... I would audition and I was in a couple of soap classes. Two years straight I did not have a life because I did acting دن and night and I don’t think people realise how hard it is to make it look real so I definitely paid my dues!”

“The adrenaline آپ get when you’re performing in front of people and آپ know you’re doing a great job and they’re loving it and are very entertained... آپ get this addiction for it, it’s almost like a high آپ get on it and then it’s like آپ go from one thing to the other to better yourself, to grow... just to keep yourself performing in front of people. I’ve always wanted to do soaps, that was my dream so now I’m doing a male soap opera, آپ can’t beat that!”

“I’ve actually very very easy going but I will stand up for myself, that part of my character is truly nature”

“I’ve really really sensitive, maybe آپ don’t see that in my characters but I’m like really really sensitive. I’m not really a party animal, آپ know I have had close دوستوں that I’ve had for years and آپ know I enjoy being with the people that I love. I don’t like big groups of people which is probably shocking, I guess I’m pretty much a homebody”

“You have to realise this entertainment business is tough on relationships and your personal life because when your in the entertainment field آپ have to give up so much of your life to be the سب, سب سے اوپر person but I know going in its what it takes and I know how to separate it and I keep my priorities with my personal life like at the top.”

“I feel like strong personalities, I’m not attracted to like a weak personality. آپ know I’ve been asked if Austin 316 is the baddest 24/7 and the funny thing about him, he really is a very strong personality but again that’s what I am attracted to, I don’t really like a guy I can push around”

“The trapeze... it was something that horrified me. آپ know Chyna got up there and she did an excellent job. Then Lita got up there and she did an excellent job! So I thought man if I don’t do this I would regret this the rest of my life. And I was terrible like I couldn’t even climb up the ladder but it was like I was fighting within myself to overcome it because I guess that’s my personality. If something terrifies me I’ll go right to it, to conquer it. In my mind I was thinking “I’m not gonna do this!” and even Chyna didn’t think I was gonna do it, Lita didn’t think I was gonna do it and I don’t think anyone else in the WWF thought I was gonna do it! But آپ know I finally went through as I’m sure people will see on the tape.

For the rest of my life I will never forget that moment!”

“I really like how they’re working with us all. آپ know we have a little bit of everything for whoever is out there. What it means to me to be a Diva.”

“I think of all the Women out there who would love to have our jobs!”

Sitting down for the Interview
Debra on the Trapeze
Debra looking stunning on the ساحل سمندر, بیچ