Debra outrageously flirts with Val Venis!
Where: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan When: 12th April 1999
Show: Raw
Match: Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart w Debra Vs The Acolytes

With her men losing the tag team titles the گزشتہ week to Kane and X-Pac, Debra looked as though she might have had her eye on a new client. After a match between Billy Gunn and Val Venis was ruined سے طرف کی Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart, Debra came down to the ring.

After Val Venis helped The New Age Outlaws fend off Debra's men, Val saw Debra waiting for him in the ring and the two flirted with each other seemingly suggesting that Debra wanted to get physical some time with the Big Valbowski and the feeling was certainly mutual!

Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart got Debra to leave who looked as though she had been enjoying the attention. To Val's frustration, Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart took Debra to the back.

Later on Debra watched as Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart took on The Acolytes in a tag match. After a fairly short match, The Acolytes along with the rest of the "Ministry of Darkness" stormed the ring with Debra looking on terror as her team was beaten up, totally outnumbered.

The lights went off and The Undertaker made his entrance and when the lights came on, the Ministry had taken Debra hostage! The Undertaker threatened Debra with a vicious choke before she had a lucky escape as Ken Shamrock came down to put a stop to all this with a Baseball bat as he arrived to demand information about his missing sister from the Lord of Darkness!

It was fair to say that Debra would be keeping as far as possible away from the Phenom having nearly been sacrificed for the evil group!
Making her way to the ring later on.
The Undertaker has Debra!