Mixed night for Debra!
Where: Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
When: 1st March 1999
Show: Raw
Match: Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart w Debra Vs Triple H & X-Pac

We got our first glimpse on RAW of Debra as she smugly relaxed in the backstage areas looking sultry in a sleek red روب, چغہ that barely covers her up. We see D'Lo Brown and Ivory in another room after appearing to be discussing a plan regarding Debra.

Debra is out at ringside later for Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart's match for the Tag Team Championship. They had issued an open challenge earlier in the دن as explained سے طرف کی Jeff Jarrett. Debra then took the microphone

"And if آپ boys think آپ can take the titles away from my men then I will give آپ this روب, چغہ off my back!"

Jerry Lawler obviously liked that idea as Triple H & X-Pac came down to answer the challenge with apparently a win for them meaning Debra would remove her robe! A competitive match saw the champions dominate for a time until Triple H tagged in X-Pac who cleaned house. After he executed a bronco buster on Jarrett, Debra made her way onto the ring apron. X-Pac gave Debra a DX style "Suck It!" taunt not falling for Debra's antics as he hit the X-Factor on Jarrett to seemingly win the match but Debra had other ideas!

She grabbed the referee and appeared to shove his face towards her covered chest! The referee was loving life getting a good grip of Debra's rear but the distraction had worked as X-Pac was screaming at the referee to count but the blonde had done her work well saving her team the tag titles with the WWF official not interested in turning around for obvious reasons. Then Owen Hart shoved X-Pac from behind which meant he flew آگے and accidentally collided with Debra who fell off the تہبند, برساتی landing hard on the floor.

X-Pac went to check if Debra was ok only to get thrown into the steel steps سے طرف کی European Champion... Shane McMahon! X-Pac chased after him as Jarrett & Hart double teamed Triple H while Debra brushed herself down to recover from her earlier moment. We then see Ivory with a death stare directed at Debra walking to the ring. The referee called the match off as a no contest as X-Pac returned to brawl with Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart with the champs being cleared from the ring سے طرف کی DX. The Tag Team Champions decided they were done and with Debra nervously looking over her shoulder at Ivory the three went to leave.

Debra shouted at Ivory to stay back but felt secure as she was escorted up the entrance ramp feeling relatively محفوظ with her team near by. Then from out of nowhere, D'Lo Brown came out on the stage and attacked the tag team champions leaving Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart knocked down after some hard punches. This left Debra all alone as D'Lo pointed at her on the entrance ramp!

Debra is seen to plead with D'Lo not to come closer but she forgets to watch her back as a grinning Ivory strides up behind her. Debra feels a tug and moments later despite her shrieking protests Ivory disrobes Debra out of her red روب, چغہ leaving her scantily clad in red lingerie! The crowd loudly cheer as Debra furiously shouts at her rival causing her massive embarrassment in front of what felt like the world! D'Lo and Ivory point at laugh at her before finally Jeff Jarrett runs over and attempts to cover her up with the Tag Team belts which do a very poor job of it with her underwear still in clear sight for everyone!

Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart manage to get Debra to the back but Ivory had finally got the payback she had been waiting on for weeks having seen to make a red faced Debra feel very embarrassed!

Match: Ivory Vs Debra

Kevin Kelly interviewed Debra after the commercial break about what had just happened with Debra about as angry as you'd ever seen her!

KK: Back on RAW with the Tag Team Champions and Debra! Moments پہلے Debra disrobed سے طرف کی Ivory lets take a look at exactly what happened! (replay is shown)

As Debra making her way back up the stage, Ivory from behind shredding Debra of her روب, چغہ exposing her to the world!

Obviously Debra this has gotta have آپ exasperated, obviously this is not the way آپ wanted things to go for آپ tonight!

Debra: Oh NO and IVORY آپ think آپ can just rip my clothes off anytime آپ like? Well I'll tell آپ one thing, آپ get another chance tonight, later tonight... YOU... against ME and I can't wait to claw your eyes out!

With that interview over Debra had challenged Ivory to a match!

Debra came out for the match dressed in گلابی top/shorts with white heeled boots. The referee then explained that Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart wouldn't be allowed at ringside. Debra argued with the referee as Ivory made her way to the ring. We saw footage of Debra's opponent defeating Jacqueline the گزشتہ night on Sunday Night Heat and the commentary rightly pointed out that Debra may be out of her league here in this match.

So it proved as the گھنٹی, بیل sounded, Ivory quickly tackled the blonde to the mat and after a brief struggle Ivory straddled onto Debra to begin to choke her and generally take care of business. This challenge was proving right away to be a rash decision سے طرف کی Debra! However Debra would avoid a nasty beat down at the hands of her rival as Jacqueline and Terri Runnels of the duo known as P.M.S ran down to the ring. Jacqueline entered the ring and kicked Ivory in the head before attacking her with rapid punches on the floor which caused the referee to instantly disqualify Debra for the interference.

Jacqueline continued the attack and then held up Ivory allowing Debra to get a eye rake and a hard slap to the face all in the while talking trash towards her. Moments later Jacqueline hit an excellent piledriver to Ivory to lay her out in the ring while Debra stood at the side with a satisfied expression raising سوالات whether this had been planned all along?

D'Lo Brown rushed down to save Ivory but the damage had been done as Terri, Jacqueline and Debra made their way to the entrance ramp with Debra blowing kisses mockingly back towards the ring and celebrating like she had won the match.

While she had suffered a big embarrassment earlier on it seemed like Debra had got the last laugh on this episode of Raw is War!

The two would meet in the ring one مزید time but with far مزید on the line a few months later to finally end their rivalry!

Ivory embarasses Debra!
A Furious Debra challenges Ivory! A wise move?
Ivory takes care of Debra in the match!
Jacqueline & Debra double team Ivory!