Debra at the Royal Rumble!
Where: Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
When: 24th January 1999
Show: Raw
Match: Royal Rumble Match

With the ongoing rivalry between Mr McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin dominating proceedings, the Royal Rumble match was somewhat of a side دکھائیں for all the other participants.

With Debra at his side, Jeff Jarrett was entrant number 27. With his manager going straight to the back areas, Jeff had to rely on himself to win the match and after not eliminating anyone he himself was eliminated سے طرف کی Triple H ending his hopes of winning the Royal Rumble match!

The silver lining for Jeff Jarrett and Debra would دکھائیں itself 24 hours later on RAW!

Hand in hand, Jeff Jarrett & Debra!