Where: Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
When: 9th October 2000
Show: Raw

For the first time since being a guest ring announcer at the Backlash pay per view event back in April Debra returned to our screens.

Walking backstage she was greeted سے طرف کی Chyna who had a discussion about Debra's honeymoon and Chyna's حالیہ engagement to Eddie Guerrero.

Debra was here to see Commissioner Mick Foley.

After Chyna told Debra where Mick Foley was and Debra mentioning she didn't know where Eddie was the new Mrs Austin went off to find Mick Foley.

Meeting with Mick in his office, Mick Foley suggested that Debra might have had something to do with the hit and run car accident that happened to Stone Cold the گزشتہ سال so that she could spend مزید time with him. Debra passionately defended herself against such claims and stormed out of the room.

R.I.P Joanie "Chyna" Laurer