A big return!
Where: FleetCenter, Boston, Massachusetts
When: 30th October 2000
Show: Raw

Commissioner Mick Foley got a standing ovation from the sold-out crowd at the FleetCenter as he headed to the ring. The commish spoke of the non-title match between Angle and Triple H, and the No. 1 contenders match between Jericho and Rock, with the winner to face Angle on SmackDown! Foley کہا that his job was a lot harder than he thought, and that it was a job too big for him. He کہا he had loved being the commissioner, and it was a dream come true. He then smiled and کہا he wasn't quitting, but he needed some help! He کہا he had found someone to help him make decisions, someone who personifies guts and intestinal fortitude.

He then named his lieutenant commissioner -- Debra! As the crowd loudly chanted "We want puppies!," with delight at Debra's return Foley کہا that he and Debra would have very many nice days as Commissioner.

A new chapter in Debra's career had begun!

Debra comes out as the new LT Commissioner!
Mick Foley and Debra, the new team in charge of the WWF!