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So this is a فہرست of my پسندیدہ characters from Friends. This only includes the six main stars. Maybe I'll create one with guest stars? Haha,only time will tell.

6. Monica Geller

I don't hate her, but Monica has never been my favorite. She is very controlling and there are times that I find her annoying. She can be quite rude to her husband and دوستوں and I don't like her attitude when she is. Although I find her very relatable, since I understand her bossiness, I still place her at the bottom of my list. However, I'll فہرست the good qualities about her, too. She' s very caring about the people...
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Monica Geller isn't the one who is in the hearts of many, here are some reasons for it:

1-she's a control freak

2-she wanted to waste Chandler's life savings on her wedding dream

3-it's either her way یا no way

4-she dated Rachel's ex (which Rachel wasn't fine with it)

5-she was ready to sell Chandler down the river because she didn't want to "lose" to Rachel and Phoebe

6-when Chandler wanted to let the dog go, she sneaked it back in, when Chandler wanted to keep the بتھ, مرغابی and the chicken she کہا she had "allergies"
1- she told tag that phoebe is gay

2- she told everyone that tag was gay

3-when chandler کہا "either the dog go یا i go" she chose the dog to stay (i know everyone کہا that but still)

4- she wanted to stay in Monica's "hotel" room, even though she was the one who burned the house (it's not enough that she took Rachel in)

5-she never is happy when Ross is happy

6-Ross was happy with her sister but she told him to
leave her and he did, but when he told her to leave Elizabeth's dad but she didn't

7-she only hired tag because he looks great

8-she always takes Monica's stuff and never bring it back

9-she exchanges the gifts they bought her

10-she کہا "yes" when joey "proposed"
posted by boytoy_84
 'Friends" in the bathtub ("Freunde" in der Badewanne) German
'Friends" in the bathtub ("Freunde" in der Badewanne) German
Here are 20 ways to say FRIENDS

1. دوستوں (English)

2. Copains (French)

3. Amigos (Spanish)

4. Amici (Italian)

5. Freunde (German)

6. φίλοι 'fíloi' (Greek)

7. 友 'Yǒu' (Chinese)

8. フレンズ 'Furenzu' (Japanese)

9. Vänner (Swedish)

10. друзья 'druz'ya' (Russian)

11. Ystävät (Finnish)

12. Venner (Norwegian)

13. Cairde (Irish)

14. 친구 'chingu' (Korean)

15. เพื่อน 'Pheụ̄̀xn' (Thai)

16. هل نبقى اصدقاء 'hal nabqaa aisdiqa'an' (Arabian)

17. दोस्त 'dost' (Hindi)

18. Przyjaciele (Polish)

19. Teman (Indonesian)

20. Bạn bè (Vietnamese)
 'Friends' on the balcony ('Amici' sul balcone) Italian
'Friends' on the balcony ('Amici' sul balcone) Italian
posted by 4everMondler
The اگلے week Daniel is seen putting Seran لپیٹ, لفاف کریں on the toliet seat. Then he finishes and replaces the sugar with salt,

"Quick Dan! Mom and Dad are waking up now!" Sophie and Karen(her name's now Karen not Catherine) shout out. C/M then come into the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ with their fingers intertwined.

"Hi kiddies" Chandler says with his eyes never leaving his young wife's face(she's 25 and he 26)

"Hi Baby I hope آپ are a girl. A nicer sister then Karen who is mean and Daniel who is a big poop explosion in his own way" Sophie says to the baby.

"Hey no I'm nice. آپ are mean" Karen جوابات annoyed.

"I'm not a...
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posted by 4everMondler
I thought of this story today. It's in it's end of pre-Mondler universe(episode 1x01) except that C&M are married bc they got together Thanksgiving night '88 and she found out she was expecting their daughter. Then they moved into her nana's apartment after the baby was born and got married. They have two مزید kids and she's expecting their forth. Joey likes Phoebe and she likes him back.


"I wish I was married again" Ross complained as he sat down on the مالٹا, نارنگی سوفی, لٹانا setting the umbrella down. He just got divorced from Carol and his life is in a complete flunk.

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posted by 4everMondler
Thought of this while we were eating رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا and desert this evening. It is similar to the RL version..

[3 days later at the orginal Geller home. It is Jack's birthday, his son, daughter, grandchildren and in-laws came]

"Hi daddy and mom" Monica says giving her parents a hug, "Hi sweetheart how's the baby" Judy asks her daughter. "It keeps on kicking me so much and making me throw up" Monica complains. At that moment, Ross, Emily, Ben, Heather and Isabella all enters and the kids run to their grandparents to see who gets to who the fastest. "Hey don't trample each other" Ross tells his children....
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posted by 4everMondler
Thought of an idea for اگلے chapter and promised آپ guys the Halloween party one so here آپ all go...

[Opening credits. Monica is now wearing the black slip on. She is preparing the snacks at the counter]

"Hey honey and little baby" Chandler says and smooches her, "Hi just making the snacks for the party" she answers. He starts to put his hands on her hips and kiss her neck, "I love آپ so much" he says. "I love آپ so much too" she says and they start to kiss only to be watched سے طرف کی Daniel who is wearing a 'Frankenstein' costume exclaims "Daddy and mommy!". Chandler and Monica break away from...
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posted by 4everMondler
This is slightly based of "TOW all the resolutions". Let's say Emily is here from London and Danny is here too but he and Rachel aren't dating anymore

Chapter 14 - 1998: New year, new wishes


" Joey, Joey. We are married but want to kiss when the ball drops because with the baby coming, we probably won't be able to do this ever again" Chandler tells his friend. "Okay just let me think of something" Joey answers. He goes over to Rachel and says, "Rach I wanna kiss آپ at midnight" "Oh sure of course" she جوابات in a romantic way hinting...
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posted by 4everMondler
Let's say Rachel has been living with Joey all this time


Ross and Emily are playing some مزید with nearly 1 سال old Sophie while everybody else is watching the game and Monica is cooking. Chandler comes out of the bedroom, talking on the cell. "Great thanks can't wait to see آپ two on weds" they hear him say. "Who was that" Monica asks her husband, "It was my parents. They are coming for Sophie(lets pretend her real name is Sophia)'s 1st birthday. Can't miss their first grandchild's birthday, can they" he asks. "Ooh look what she just did" Emily...
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posted by 4everMondler
Copied from fanfiction. It is dark and late right now while this story was updated in the afternoon(full on FF)
Howdy everybody! Halloween isn't for uh *counts using fingers*...10 days(I'm a math whiz) but I wanted to do a chapter on it. Why آپ lovely readers may wonder is because my mom made me stay ہوم from school because of a doctor's apt for my bloody ear that I happen to be going to soon.

[Opening Credits. Cut to C&M's bedroom after their thing]

"Omg that was amazing" Monica exclaims, "Yeah I bet the baby loved it too" Chandler جوابات and sets his hand on her tiny bump. "The baby definitely...
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foxstarkiller I used your idea...
Copied over from FanFiction. It is afternoon right now
Ross falls alseep on the سوفی, لٹانا but twenty منٹ he hears his parents discussing something in the kitchen...

"We can't let the boy get away with failing his tests. He is smart" he hears Jack say, "Gosh honey just give him some time. This سال has been really hard on the kids" Judy tells him. "Alright but only if آپ give me little sugar" they have a very happy and loving marriage.

A few منٹ Ross hears his parents kissing in the kitchen

"Oh man. Gross" Ross exclaims in his head, but then realizes that his...
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posted by 4everMondler

"I can't believe that آپ guys told Chandler that I was pregnant!" Monica says agitated. "He forced it out of us" Phoebe کہا "We are sorry Mon but on the great side he is happy about it" Joey says. "He says it is great that آپ are pregnant" Rachel جوابات then adds "Just let me get your parents and Ross into here. They are very happy to see you". Chandler then comes over to his new bride and says "I am so happy we are having this baby and آپ will make an amazing mom", she says "Aww and آپ will be a awesome dad" then they kiss.


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posted by 4everMondler
"Ready to give birth" the doctor asks after everybody leaves the room, "Yes she sure is ready" Chandler jokes. "Lets start pushing" the doctor says.


"I can't believe how much pain she must be in right now..." Judy says worried about the sanity of her daughter and unborn granddaughter. "Honey honey, she'll be fine. She's our little girl and is very strong" Jack reassures his wife. "Would آپ guys like to come with me to the cafeteria to آپ know...clear yours heads of this darn baby stuff" Joey asks.


"Eww...this food is gross" Rachel complains....
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And so it began, in the famous Central Perk, in 1994
When 6 new دوستوں walked through the door
At first, it started when Rachel failed to say “I do”
And then to her dad, she complained she didn’t want to be a “shoe"

Each one of the 236 episodes never failed to spark laughter
Laughter that continued, for a long time after
So many life lessons can be learned from such a show
Even though دوستوں was on, now 20 years ago

For مزید space in bed, use the “hug and roll” technique
and while looking at the “ugly, naked guy”, آپ will most likely scream eeekk!
If having a girl, name her “Phoebe”,...
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Rachel: Honey?
Ross: (looks at her)Hm?
(kisses him romantically.)
Rachel: (both smile) I still got it.
Joey: That’s what she said!
Rachel: What?
Ross: Chandler taught him “that’s what she said” jokes and now he’s saying it to everything
-Gunter comes over-
Gunter: Here’s a complimentary coffee Rachel!
Joey: That’s what she said!
-Gunter looks at Joey-
Rachel: Oh thanks Gunter, but I’m about to head out
Gunter: Oh
-Walks back behind counter near sink-
Ross: Oh Gunter I’ll actually take that!
-Gunter looks up, smiles then dumps it anyway, Ross shrugs-
(Ross goes back to reading...
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Jennifer Aniston looks good in anything, even an oversized pair of prescription glasses Tina Fey would envy.

On Monday the actress slipped on the specs, along with a double breasted black pin-stripped pant suit, to talk with James Burrows, the director of her smash '90s hit TV دکھائیں Friends.

She even admitted that she loved working on the series so much that she 'would honestly go back to it if we could,' but added, 'I don't think anyone would want to see it.' When moderator Pete Hammon کہا he would like to see a reunion of the دکھائیں she said, 'I know, I do too.'

The Emmy winner looked far from...
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1. In 1993, Matthew Perry pitched NBC a sitcom he had co-written about a group of twentysomethings called Maxwell’s House. The network turned him down because they already had a similar TV show, Friends, in the works.

2. Before settling on Friends, other titles producers considered were دوستوں Like Us, Six of One, Across the Hall, Once Upon a Time in the West Village, and Insomnia Cafe.

3. Originally the دکھائیں was going to focus on just four characters: Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Joey. Phoebe and Chandler were going to be supporting characters.

4. Also, Monica and Joey were originally...
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Chandler: They do me?
Phoebe: آپ know, like... uh, okay: "Could that رپورٹ be any later?"
Chandler: I don't sound like that.
Ross: Oh, oh Chandler...
Joey: Yeah, آپ do.
Ross: "The hills were alive with the sound of music.
Joey: My scones!
Phoebe, Ross, & Joey: "My scones!"
Chandler: Okay, I don't sound like that. That is so not true. That is so not... That is so not... Oh, shut up!

Joey (watching old ویڈیوز of Monica): Some girl ate Monica!!! "
Monica: Shut up, the camera adds 10 pounds. "
Chandler: so how many cameras are actually on you?

Joey: Okay, buddy-boy. Here it is: آپ hide my clothes,...
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posted by justchilin595
Emma's 16 (Rachel and Ross's kid) , Erica and Jack are 13, Baylee 5, Ty 2 (Monica and Chandler's kids), Ariel 11 (Phoebe and Mike kids), Jasper 10 (Joey and Melissa's kid) They are all cousins at Monica and Chandler's house. All the adults are inside talking while their kids are outside in the back yard around the campfire playing truth یا dare...Baylee wants to play but jack keeps telling her no, and Ty is inside coloring.

"Alright lets go over the rules one مزید time. آپ have to do what is chosen for آپ to do. If آپ don't want to آپ get one chicken. And آپ can't take anything back or...
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