Note: The Frozen franchise is owned سے طرف کی Disney.

Princess Anna entered the living room of the kingdom and کہا "Elsa I have a plan."

Queen Elsa کہا "Oh no. What is it?"

Anna کہا "Lets be super heroes."

Elsa کہا "What?"

Anna کہا "All around the city there's crimes and innocent people getting robbed. I'm sick of it so I'm going to do save the city سے طرف کی stopping all the villains."

Elsa کہا "Do آپ have any idea what you're doing?"

Anna کہا "Do I ever?"

Elsa کہا "Well if you're willing to accept the duties of being a super hero I won't stop you."

Anna went to her bedroom to put on her super hero costume. 10 منٹ later Anna walked back to the living room. She wore her super hero outfit. She wore گلابی underclothes, mask, cape, and boots. She didn't wear pants یا a shirt, because she was inspired سے طرف کی Captain Underpants. The mask and cape are based off of Batman's costume. Anna stood proudly and کہا "Isn't it awesome? My super hero name is Super Chocolate Lover."

Elsa کہا "You're not actually going to be in public dressed like that, right?"

Anna کہا "Of course I'm going outside with my super costume on. I have a super costume prepared for آپ if آپ want شامل میں me."

Elsa کہا "I'm okay."

Anna کہا "Fine, but I hope آپ change your mind. Now I got people to save and villains to defeat. See ya." Anna walked out.

Anna walked around the city. She looked around for crimes, but she was struggling to find any crimes. She grabbed a megaphone and کہا "Attention people. If there's any crimes around don't worry. I'm Super Chocolate Lover, the defender of the city." Citizens giggled at Anna.

A nervous male bank owner کہا "Are آپ a real hero?"

Anna کہا "I sure am."

The bank owner کہا "Thank goodness. My bank is being robbed."

Anna کہا "Don't worry. I'll take care of it."

Anna went inside the bank building. She found out that the Duke of Weselton and his henchmen were the ones robbing the bank. Anna کہا "Put down the money Duke of Weaseltown."

The Duke of Weselton screamed "It's Weselton!"

Anna کہا "Stop robbing the bank."

The Duke کہا "No. This city will pay for ruining my trade business."

Anna کہا "Don't make me beat آپ up."

The Duke کہا "Henchmen get rid of this immodestly dressed monster."

The Duke's henchmen cornered Anna. Anna was nervous, but she's determined to win so she punched the beardless henchmen. The bearded henchmen punched Anna. The 3 of them had a 2 منٹ battle full of punches. Sadly Anna wasn't able to مککا, عجیب الخلقت both of them at the same time. The henchmen knocked Anna to the ground which made her pass out.

Meanwhile Elsa was at the kingdom and was worried about Anna. Elsa told Kai the butler about Anna going on a dangerous quest. Elsa کہا "I don't know what to do."

Kai کہا "I shouldn't be telling the queen what to do, but I think آپ should try to find her."

Elsa کہا "You're right." Elsa found super hero costume on her bed. There was a note on the بستر telling Elsa that Anna made her a super hero costume. Elsa looked at the costume and wondered wether یا not she should put it on.

At the bank the Duke was almost finished gathering up all of the bank's money. The Duke کہا "The people of my country will love me for getting them all this money."

The Duke's henchmen were getting ready to مککا, عجیب الخلقت Anna again even though she was passed out. The henchmen suddenly got their feet frozen to the bank's floor. Elsa appeared, wearing the super hero costume that Anna made for her. Elsa's costume was similar to Anna's costume, but Elsa's is light blue instead of pink. Elsa tried to use her cape to cover up her body, because she was embarrassed to be in public in her underclothes.

Anna woke up and کہا "What's going on?"

Elsa کہا "I'm here to help."

Anna کہا "Awesome. Elsa what's your hero name?"

Elsa کہا "Um ...... Super Icicles."

Anna کہا "Cool name."

Since the henchmen's feet were stuck to the bank's floor Anna easily punched them which made the henchmen pass out. The Duke tried to escape with some of the money, but Elsa froze him. The Duke کہا "You 2 girls are monsters."

Anna and Elsa returned the money to the vault. The bank owner was relieved.

The wind blew which made Anna and Elsa's capes bounce around which made the scene be مزید dramatic. Anna کہا "I feel like we're real heroes."

Elsa nervously کہا "I feel we're silly girls playing dress up."

Anna کہا "You'll get used to it." Anna pulled out 2 grappling hooks out of her پرس, تھیلی and handed 1 of them to Elsa. Anna and Elsa used the grappling hooks to سوئنگ, جھول around the city.