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Opinion by Ieva0311 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Yeah niga saenggag
naneun modeun geol jiwodo
chueogi an beoryeojyeo
jigeum kkaji
uri Drama-ga kkeutnado
Love is painful
niga seonmurhan shigyega
maeil nareul kkaeugo
dashi tto nan
jamdeulji motae Oh baby

Yeah naegen Love is pain
sarange bein nan
hanbal jjagdo ttel su eobtjiman So
jabjido motae
nohjido motae It’s love giro
gireul irheosseo sarangi shirheo

In my memory ni mogsori jiugi
In my memory ireum majeo jiugi
apeul mankeumeun
chung bunhi apeun geot gateunde
maebeon neoreul
bureuda muneo jyeoga

haega tteugo jigo gyejeori bakkwi
myeon gwaenchanheul jul arasseo
niga itdeon jariga
gipge paeyeoseo amulji anha
sopa wiui ni pini
jakkuman nareul jjireugo
apaseo nan utjileul motae Oh baby

Yeah naegen Love is pain
sarange bein nan
Article by yoon_hak9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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FT Island Like The Birds (새들처럼) English Translation Lyrics

The cars racing through the open space
And the people shined سے طرف کی the setting sun

The cars racing on the highway
This سٹریٹ, گلی in the دل of the city crowded with busy footsteps
Between the densely packed buildings like trees in a forest
The billiant neon signs
I want to fly above this city today - come on

* As I look at the birds flying
I want to follow them and fly as well
Freely underneath the blue sky
I want to follow them

I want to fly in the sky today
I want to touch the clouds
Uh yes I wanna touch the بادل
Because they are lower than the sky
If only if the tips of my fingers can touch the tip of the cloud

Even if I want to leave this stuffy city
I cannot go

* repeat
I want to get out of this frustrating routine
Let's get out out - I want to get out of here now
Article by hongkilover posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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열린 공간 속을 가르며 달려가는 자동차와
석양에 비추인 사람들

Rap) Uh 도로 위를 달리는 자동차
분주한 발걸음으로 붐비는 도심 속 이 거리
숲 속에 나무들처럼 빽빽한 빌딩들 사이
화려한 네온 싸인
오늘은 이 도시 위를 날고 싶어 Come on

날아가는 새들 바라보며 나도 따라 날아가고 싶어
파란하늘 아래서 자유롭게 나도 따라 가고 싶어

Rap) 저 하늘을 날아보고 싶어 오늘은
만지고 싶어 저기 구름을
Uh yes I wanna touch the cloud
하늘 보단 낮으니까
내 손가락 끝이 구름 끝에 닿을 수 있다면

답답한 도시를 떠나고 싶어도 나는 갈 수 없네

날아가는 새들 바라보며 나도 따라 날아가고 싶어
파란하늘 아래서 자유롭게 나도 따라 가고 싶어

Rap) 오늘은 답답한 일상에서 떠나 보고 싶어
Let’s get out out 이 곳에서 벗어나고 싶어 Now
저 하늘 위엔 날 위해 뭔가 있을 것만 같애
저 하늘의 새들처럼 하늘을 날자 Fly high

Fly 날개를 펼쳐봐 하늘만 바라봐
용기 낼 수 있다면 넌 할 수 있어

Article by hongkilover01 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Muscle Girl is the new Japanese drama series that stars Lee Hong Ki. Lee Hong Ki plays the role of Yoo Ji Hoo, a famous pop star. Yoo Ji Ho's mother disappeared 1 سال ago. A سال later, during his performance in Japan, he left to look for her. The manager of Ji Ho trys to look for him but cannot find Ji Ho and will almost do anything to get him back. Meanwhile, a Japanese girl named Shiratori Azusa (Ichikawa Yui) had just become the new director of a female pro wrestling company, Shiratori Wrestling, after her father died. She was left with a big debt that had to be paid یا else the wrestling company would not survive and another wrestling company, Aoibara, will take over the building that was for Shiratori wrestlers to train and compete. Azusa set a تاریخ that was for the last wrestling match before they would hand over the building to Aoibara. Before the match started, the referee had disappeared. And Azusa has set out to find him. Ji Ho, while looking for his mom, went to get a snack in a disguise. coincidentally, he was wearing the same things the referee was wearing before the referee left. When Azusa saw the clothes he was wearing, she thought he was the referee. Without a...
Review by HyeonJi posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Bloody Letter
Man, will the madness ever end? First there was 2PM's Taecyeon, then it was MBLAQ's Lee Joon, and now FT Island's front man Hongki? This is getting pretty ridiculous if آپ ask me!

The Korean pop scene may be one that is flooded with مقبول trends and whatnot, but even this bloody پرستار letter trend is something شائقین should stray away from. While this Primadonna did not hit the same extremes as the گزشتہ two fans, the thought of using blood to signify their love and appreciation for an idol is still quite appalling, wouldn't آپ agree? I thought we established this before, but I guess some شائقین just don't care. Let's just hope there won't be any future cases of پرستار madness to keep this trend going.

This پرستار in particular had cut their finger and decided to write a letter with their blood rather than put on a band aid like any other person. The letter stated, "Lee Honki, آپ know that I love آپ right?" This may be the third time I've witnessed fandom at its craziest, but I still ask the simple سوال every time: "Why?" Check out the تصاویر below.
Review by HyeonJi posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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The boys of F.T. Island arrived recently in Singapore for the Sundown Festival Seoul'd Out کنسرٹ this past weekend, and it looks like member Song Seunghyun has had a run-in with an inconsiderate fan.

The video below shows Seunghyun walking in his hotel when a girl reaches out and grabs his hair. He points back at her with an angry look, to which she جوابات with a shrill cackling laugh.

Seunghyun should be commended here for keeping his cool, because if it were me, I would have probably just lost it on the girl and started punching her non-stop in the face. They would probably need three security guards and a tranquilizer gun to get me to stop wailing on her. This is assault plain and simple. No one deserves to have their personal space invaded like this.


Review by animeadd8 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Thats the spirits!!! Flowerboy band, FT Island, will embark on their Asia tour اگلے year.

FT Island will tour Asia countries like, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore in January and February. Of all these countries, ticket sales for their Taipei, Taiwan کنسرٹ started first and they were all sold out within an hour, which shocked the organisers.

Though FT Island has never been to Taiwan for any promotions yet, tickets for their کنسرٹ to be held at the 3000-capacity Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei were all sold out. Their کنسرٹ will be held on 27th February 2010.

According to FT Island’s management company, F&C Music, the overwhelming response could be due to the popularity of the حالیہ SBS drama “You’re Beautiful“. The drama was aired in Taiwan the same time as in Korea and sales for the کنسرٹ tickets started not long after the end of the whole drama series.

Person-in-charge from F&C موسیقی visited Taipei and revealed on the 8th that, “We can tell the level of popularity of “You’re Beautiful” from the کنسرٹ ticket sales. It is a great start and we’re very glad.”
Opinion by animeadd8 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Have آپ seen some of the pre-released تصاویر of FT Island photoshoot for Marie Claire September 2009 issue? I'm not sure if each of آپ knows about this. Straight to the main point, based from my reading, the photoshoot ended with a great success. As the boys managed to appear 'manly' and look cool in the outfit.

What most of primadonnas doesn't know (maybe...), the photoshoot was made at 3am! So, the boys were really tired at that time (definitely!).

This wasn't the first kind-of-incidents happened. There were a lot of it (i guess) such as during the Gayo Daejun's festival at the very end of 2008, because of the busy schedule Hong Ki fell sick and was rushed to a hospital to get medical treatment. Beside that, the youngest member Choi Min Hwan fainted on the 23rd March during shooting his drama.

Guys, we've seen that our FT Island is willing to do anything, دکھانا how they're really serious in their career. So, we as their primadonnas must support them no matter what happen. Because that is our major obligation...FT ISLAND OWEZ!!!
Review by HyeonJi posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Oh Won Bin
After leaving FT Island back in January, Oh Wonbin has been out of the limelight. He previously stated that he wanted to start a solo career, but that hasn't really come into fruition yet. His most حالیہ project was on a track for the You're Beautiful OST / Soundtrack.

Without seeing him much these days, I'm sure most of آپ شائقین miss him dearly. So here's some تصاویر of him. Recently, Oh Wonbin گیا کیا پوسٹ selca (self-capture) تصاویر of himself on his mini hompy. Check out the تصاویر below and thanks to winter_star@ftisg for the sharing the photo.