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The Major Archetypes of Carl Jung in Merlin and The Duality of Male and Female

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To understand the characters in Merlin, we need to understand the characteristic Archetypes in the stories/episodes that form the basis for the actions and motivations of the characters.

Carl Jung believed that there were primordial concepts inherent across all societies and all cultures. While there can be many variations, there was a single predominant image which defined the individual and سے طرف کی extension, society. Jung noted parallels of rituals and customs that seemingly arose independently...
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posted by MikeAP001
Healing ArWen. 2

Before beginning the Quest, we (the viewers) must identify the problems Gwen must solve to aid Arthur. And before that we must learn the answer to these questions:

1) What is the problem Gwen must solve?
2) What kind of Hero is Gwen?
3) Where must the Quest occur?
4) Why must Gwen undergo Quest?
5) How does the Quest solve her problem?


Now that Gwen and Arthur are married, the Hero(ine)’s Archetype demands a very simple responsibility: she gains her mate’s glories as much as his burdens. The main burden that Arthur is unaware...
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posted by MikeAP001

I believe a redemptive story line would involve the central motif of trust and resurrection inherent in Myth. As we've seen, Uther might not have been as honorable and good as a Gorlois in dealing with Caerleon and likely the other kingdoms. And, Uther made promises he might not have kept them especially to Gorlois (S01E12). Likewise Arthur made promises that he did not keep (S01E12); where he promised Gwen she’d always have a ہوم in Camelot, and while he kept her from being banished سے طرف کی Uther (S02E09) Arthur banished her in S04E09. Likewise,...
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posted by MikeAP001
Healing ArWen: Let Gwen finish her Journey


After the events of S04, a number of Arwennites were disappointed: although the دکھائیں had been largely enjoyable, some things were amiss. There were a number of valid reasons for being so and letters were sent expressing improvements for the following season. However, nothing was مزید bothersome than the lack of the Magick reveals to Arthur: 1) Merlin’s sorcerer’s ability and 2) Gwen’s enchanted bracelet.

While unsettling, سے طرف کی leaving these threads untied and dangling; very imaginative story lines could result while Arthur and Merlin...
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