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posted by eslings

I hope everyone is heading down to the premiere of the new film in Leicester Square on May 10th to support the cast including George Sampson.
However in the mean time check out this exclusive clip: link

Sparks fly as the worlds of street-dance and ballet collide in STREETDANCE the vibrant, uplifting and ground-breaking 3D feature film from Vertigo Films. While training for the UK Streetdance Championships, a streetdance crew are forced to work with Royal ballet dancers in return for rehearsal space. With no common ground and with passions riding high, they realise they need to find a way to شامل میں forces to win.STREETDANCE features the cream of UK dance talent, including show-stopping performances from Britains Got Talent dance sensations Flawless, Diversity and George Sampson, as well as from Matthew Bourne protégé Richard Winsor and breakthrough Brit actress Nicholas Burley (Donkey Punch, Love & Hate).
GEORGE SAMPSON has banned his No. 1 پرستار from his West End debut - his mum.

The Britain's Got Talent winner is slaving away in his summer holidays rehearsing for Into The Hoods.

The twinkle-toed breakdancer said: "My mum is proud of me... but she's still not allowed to come to the opening night.

"It’s definitely going to be the worst دکھائیں because of my nerves."

The body-popping سٹار, ستارہ has landed a leading role in the hip-hop stage دکھائیں for a limited four-week run.

He added: "I wanted to be in it, but I thought it could just be a dream.

"But then I got the call and thought, 'Wow!'"

One thing George...
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posted by flower66
DANCE sensation GEORGE SAMPSON’s mum fears they will be booted out of their rented London flat — after police were called to control his screaming female fans.

Met Police officers turned up at the Covent Garden pad where the pair are lodging while Britain’s Got Talent winner George performs in the capital.

They arrived after 40 hysterical girls sparked complaints from seven neighbours. Now LESLEY fears her landlord’s wrath.

She said: “George loves the شائقین but I’m really concerned. I don’t know how they found the address. I apologised to the neighbours, police and landlord but I’m...
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3am شامل میں dancer George Sampson in West End

By 3am 8/08/2008
George Sampson with the 3am girls

George Sampson with the 3am girls


George Sampson had better get some earplugs and security - for Georgemania is sending young girls wild.

So massive is the phenomenon, Britain's Got Talent winner George has now break-danced his way into the hearts of fellow celebrities.

EastEnders' teenage stunner Madeline Duggan, who plays feisty Lauren Branning, is the first to break into a sweat for the twinkle-toed one.

And we were pretty charmed, too, as we swapped body-popping moves...
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