I am a private owner of a German Shepherd and whilst at the present time Breed Specific Legislation does not directly effect the German Shepherd breed in the UK, there are motions across my region to bring in legislation that WILL effect German Shepherds and many other breeds.

As an admirer an owner of GSD's, I feel that suggestions from governemnt and council authorities are unjust and I wanted to bring awareness to people about the current legislation...so I started an online دکان promoting and selling merchandise with my own designs, highlighting the "Deed Not Breed" message.

I was hoping that آپ would be open to including a link to my site on your لنکس page. I must stress that I am not making ANY money from this. All profits for merchandise sold are going to the BAGSD (British Association of German Shepherd Dogs) Leeds Branch, which we attend weekly and Whitehall German Shepherd Rescue. In return I will put a link to your German Shepherd section on my site

We are constantly adding to our breed range and after many many requests, are soon to include Pitbulls as they are again under threat from legislative orders. I am not a hardened activist, just a concerned owner trying to do my bit for the welfare of German Shepherd's.

I hope آپ would be kind enough to have a look at the link below and include it on your site. If this isn't possible, any help آپ are able to provide سے طرف کی way of promoting this cause would be most gratefully accepted:

The front end to the store can be found at: www.thehappygsd.co.uk

Thank آپ for taking the time to read this email