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آپ hear a normal name...
And the butterflies start.

That feeling in your soul,
That آپ just can't outsmart.

The one آپ think about every minute,
every single day.

آپ feel like picking flowers....
Your دل skips a beat.....

And when they look at you,
آپ get covered in a lovely heat.

That great feeling, آپ always get...
Cupid just got himself a clean hit!

آپ feel yourself blush,
آپ know this isn't just a crush.

آپ smile, and just think
of what is to come

When آپ hear that voice, آپ now the truth,
Your the one for him, and he's the one for you!
posted by zutaradragon
“u seemed 2 like the guy.” Grace taunts
“did not!” *Sussie says defensivly.
“there once was a girl with red hair, who thought she would never go there. she she woke with a smile after a while and found life may be fair.” Grace teases.
“will u please stop!” Sussie says, just barely able 2 keep herself from hitting her off her shoulder. as Sussie passes through the town she killed the 1st guy in, she realizes that they've already started 2 look into the death
“... ...well does it matter how he died?” a man asks as she passes by. “he was wanted 4 murder, maybe god just struck...
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posted by zutaradragon
Have آپ ever wondered what it'd be like to have someone who looks exactly like آپ around آپ at all times? Unfortunately, I don't have to wonder. My name's Kem Senef, Black Blood in Egyptian. Some may say having a twin is like having 2 of the same person. I say it's مزید like taking one person and taring him in half. My twin is Meshrew Hesep, Evening Garden. Sounds angelic compared to my name, doesn't it? آپ have no idea...Our parents may as well have just been his, it would have saved me a lot of pain in the long run.
    I HATE my brother because he was treated like...
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posted by zutaradragon
i guess u could say tht i once was a good boy. mostly because i was beat into being good. i used 2 give a fuck, now i give a fuck less. i was دیا the death penalty because they finally caught me...i should explain.

u c, my and Meshrew's....well, meshrew was the prince and got everything. he was pampered and they told him he was gonna b great and....what didn't help....he was. at everything. being number 2 sucks once in a while, being in constant سیکنڈ place...will put u in a state of rage which most will never know because they're good at sometime. since i was useless compaired...
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posted by zutaradragon
 Vinney Card
Vinney Card
I gave my دل and it was returned ripped apart.
I receved only a taste of joy...
But it will stay with my always.
I...I thought u was the light at the end.
Instede u only made this world of mine darker.
Now all i c is sadness.
A never ending darkness.
And no جوابات to these questions.
I...thoght u might have been the answer i...was searching 4 so long.
when i was with u...
I thought i would never again b alone.
Not knowing, of course, that i was really...
More alone then i had ever been b4.

So what of a love unspoken?
Well i...didn't think i had 2 speak.
I thought it was clear...

A dream?
Well, maybe it...
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posted by zutaradragon
They say every action is either done in fear یا out of love
at 1st, it was all in love
now I sit here staring face 2 face with fear 4 the 1st time
and that's y I wrote this rhyme

it's time I tell somebody this
I have a pain in my دل were some emotion fits
I can't get out of this pain though.
It is my worst foe...
I'm wrapped in it
in-cased it it.

Ashamed I am not
because he may break me, but not my spirit.
Even if my bones rot.
I will NEVER let him tare it.

He may shed my blood onto the floor
but that doesn't hurt my core.
He may make me black and blue
even if my heart....once was true...

no matter what I...
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posted by zutaradragon
About 700 years after...

Sussie sighs “y did i have 2 make that deal...just because the whole town did?” she سوالات herself as she sits in the forest. She eventually falls asleep and wakes up later with Ruby (red tailed hawk) perched on her head pecking her. “what r u doing? she mumbles 2 the bird. She flies away to a branch and stares at Sussie 4 a while, then flies off, leaving Sussie 2 follow.
“NO!” Sussie yells as she realizes where they're going. “ no no no no! I won't go anywhere NEAR that place!”
“U must. U have 2 face this fear.” Ruby says calmly.
“i won't...
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posted by zutaradragon
a long time ago, about 700 یا so years, in a town over the mountains from this one, there was a deal made...and a deal broken.

the small town of Kekewey rests in a small river valley. it was a peaceful little town. no crime meant no jail house. something in the air made most anyone happy...but a few people wanted مزید then the little town could give...a lot more...

then a stranger came to town, making deals and contracts. soon, within' a few years, everyone had a contract with the nameless stranger. some promised money, some fame. still others were selfless, and there contracts were 4 the safe...
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